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There is a method in my madness.

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Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - 19

Sarah: "Okay, we have to be in and out quick. The owners will be totally bugging if they catch us."
Wilhemina: "We already snuck our dresses in."
Jareth: "How?"
Wilhemina: "The manager is a massive fan of you, doing a favour for your wife was like his birthday come early."
Sarah: "Quick get changed, Bailey, you snap the photos and we get out."

Yes! Wilhemina does have a new formal dress. Her outfit is exactly the same, but now black! She looks a knock out in her prefect little black dress.

Bailey: "Looking good, Sarah! Gator, smile.."
Gator: "I love you, Rosebud."
Sarah: "Love you too, Alligator."

This one I snapped, just because Sarah makes a trully beautiful bride, and wanted just one more snap of her look so stunning.

Bailey: "Look only at each other."
Sarah: "We don't need you to tell us."

Sarah: "I wish you could have danced this good at our real first dance..." <3
Gator: "As if anyone will be looking at me. You look gorgeous, and you know it."
Sarah: *blush*

Jareth: "Don't want to close my eyes.
I don't want to fall asleep.
'Cause I'd miss you baby.
And I don't want to miss a thing!"

Wilhemina: ^_^
Bailey: "Got it!"

Wilhemina: "I love when you sing to me."
Jareth: "I promised you I will always live up to your expectations of me..."
Wilhemina: "You have and more!" ^_^

After taking the pictures, Bailey headed into the back room.

Bailey: *sigh* "I wish I had found love..."

Jareth: "Since we never got a honeymoon, how about we go somewhere nice..."
Wilhemina: "I know just the place!"

Jareth: "Where is this place?"
Wilhemina: "Not far. It's a quiet cabin... peaceful and perfect."

Wilhemina: "Moonlight Point!"
Jareth: "This is perfect."

Jareth serenaded his beloved, while she gazed at him lovingly. This was the man knew she always wanted.

Jareth: "I could stay awake just to hear you breathing.
Watch you smile while you are sleeping.
While you're far away dreaming.
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender.
I could stay lost in this moment forever.
Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure."

The song Jareth has been singing to Wilhemina is I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. ^_^

Sarah: "My dear sisters, Tiff and Sinead,
These pictures aren't from our actual wedding day, but we tried our best to replicate them. Can you believe how gorgeous my gown is?! I loved it then, and I love it now so much! Doesn't Wilhemina look amazing? Trust me, those smiles aren't staged! We have our ups and downs, but were all just as happy as we were on our wedding days.
I hope to see one of you all in white soon! You have to invite me, okay?
Send me loads of pics of Shane.
Love you both loads,
Sarah. xoxo"

Bailey: "I am thankful for the new life you gave me, but I have one last request. Please, could you give me my youth again?"
Jareth: "I think I can mix something up."

We'll ignore the drink in her hand. <_< Looks like she is trying to be Alicia. We'll only have one alcoholic in this family, thank you very much, Bella-Sue.

Jareth headed to the elixir store, hoping to deal with this tonight.

After all this time of her selling the Snowes elixirs, I finally know her name! Baylee Howler! :D

Jareth: "Do you have a Fountain of Youth elixir, by any chance?"
Baylee: "Sorry Jareth. I haven't seen one in weeks."

Jareth: "The elixir store doesn't have an elixir I need. If you see a Green Swallowtail Butterfly, could you catch it for me?"
Gator: "Sure, Jareth. I can do that."
Jareth: "Thanks, Gator. My phone is ringing off the hook. The band are all trying to butter me up because I'm close to getting promoted. Then I got to find time to search for gems."
Gator: "What gem?"
Jareth: "Tanzanite."

Cutting out of work early to hunt for butterflies? JARETH!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!

Gator: "Hello, friend."

Okay, this is cute. He searched the whole of Moonlight Falls, and got a whole lot of nothing. The Collection Helper did help. It showed me everywhere the damn butterfly isn't.

Gator: "I'm been everywhere... do you have that young potion yet?"
Baylee: "I told Jareth no, nothing has changed since yesterday."

It wasn't a total bust! Out back, Gator found this gem. It turned out to be Tanzanite!

Then it turned out that the the stupid butterfly was out back, in Wilhemina's garden this whole time! *shakes fist angrily.*

Jareth: "Alright, let's get this over with..."

Hmm... I think Jareth might be getting sick of all those elixirs. :( I don't blame him, to be honest. He is everyone's go to guy. I think our goblin prince might need a new direction in life.

I still love how the book of shadows looks behind him when he does his elixir magic. ^_^

Jareth: "Bailey hold still..."
Bailey: "I feel... good!"

Bailey: "I'm feeling fine, and these youthful looks are all mine!"

Gator: "Bailey, you look different."
Sarah: "She looks great, doesn't she?"
Gator: "Yeah... what is different about you?"

XD Gator is so clueless!

Wilhemina decided to visit her family. It has been a while since she last stepped a toe in her childhood home.

Dwayne: "Wilhemina! Good to see you!"
Wilhemina: "I'm happy to see you too, Dad!"

Oh yeah, you know that I often comment on how the Snowes are a little "weird"? Well...

Dwayne: "Throw the stick!"
Wilhemina: "Who is a good wolfman? You want me to throw it?"

Wilhemina: "Fetch!"
Dwayne: ^_^ !!! "Hooooow!!"

<_< No wonder Gator spends most of his life in his underpants. It could be worse...

When she headed home, Hoggle helped her garden. They work together quite well! Wilhemina has certainly earned herself a helper!

First thing in the morning, Hoggle headed over to the hospital/science lab to take a class in gardening! He jumped straight to 2 points! Way to go Hoggle!

Bailey: "Wow, Taya, you are really good! How long have been playing?"
Taya: "Since our recent Bridgeport trip."

Taya continued to practise. She is at 6 piano points now! :D

Since Wilhemina spent most of her last family visit playing fetch with her dad, she headed back to the Wolff house to visit Waylon.

Wilhemina: "I'm trying to set up Bailey, are you interested?"
Waylon: :O "Bailey is alive!? I thought she died!"
Wilhemina: "Nope, she is alive and just as beautiful as you remember her."
Waylon: "Oh, hell yeah! Bailey was fine. I wish I had the courage to ask her out back in high school."

Wilhemina: "Stage one of getting my husband back, complete!"

>.< Now she is at it with the schemes!!! Jareth is a bad influence!

Bailey: "Oh my god! Waylon wants to go out with me?!"
Wilhemina: "Yep!"
Bailey: *happy squeel*

Wilhemina: "I set Bailey and Waylon up today!"
Jareth: "Scheming and match making?"
Wilhemina: *nods*
Jareth: "I'm so proud!"

I bet you are. *raises eyebrow*

Jareth: "I love you so much..."
Wilhemina: *blush* "I love you too..."

Bailey: "I'm just saying, this house would look amazing with unicorns everywhere."
Sarah: *thinks* "Bailey is insane."

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Oh I'm so happy Bailey gets to be younger! And have a real shot at love! Bailey and Waylon... tongue twister? Or cute couple name? Heh. And of course, guys don't notice the subtle changes like shaving a few decades off your life ;)

Wilhemina and her dad O.o o.O Um. LMAO

XD Gator probably didn't even notice when she died. He's so adorkably clueless.

... XD I collapsed laughing when that happened, and it still kills me.

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