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There is a method in my madness.

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Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - 20

It's been a while since their last proper family outing. This time, they headed to Moonlight Point. The place is beautiful. Completely out of the way. It would be a nice place to live. Not close to anything at all, but has an amazing view of the ocean.

Gator: "I'm hungry..."

To shut Gator up, they headed to the picnic tables to have something to eat. Only Jareth and Gator got something.

Sarah: "Some creep is at Bailey and the kid's table... I'll get rid of him.."

Seriously, I have no idea who the creep is! Once they all sat down, he just sat there with them, all weirdo like.

Sarah: "Oh, looks like he left..."

<_< He did. He just got up and left the lot.

Bailey: "I'm not hungry any more."
Taya: "Me either."
Hoggle: "Or me.."

They did have about half their hunger meter full, but none of them wanted to eat anything. Oh well, the baskets will stay on the tables until they leave, and there is a grill and a kitchen on the lot, so plenty of chance for them to eat!

In fact...

Jareth: "What are you having?"
Bailey: "Just mix up anything and loads of it, while I eat this."

She got it from the picnic basket.

Gator, Sarah, Taya and Hoggle had a girls vs boys foosball competition.

Taya: "If we win, you boys have to do all the cleaning by yourselves!"
Hoggle: "If I win, the stereo is going in my room, and you're not allowed to use it."
Sarah: "Kids! We will do a real bet. Gator, you are changing your pants, and Hoggle, you have to show your father some respect."
Gator: "Sarah, you have to get off my back about my pants. Taya, you have to actually study for a change!"
Everyone: "Deal!"

Wilhemina grilled up some hot dogs, so there were plenty of food treats around for when everyone did get hungry again.

Wilhemina: "They are going to love these!"

Bailey was adamant on getting drunk. She had that one, then drank every single one on that tray all by herself.

Bailey: *thinks* "I miss Alicia..."

Bella-Sue missing her Ink-Stained Tramp step-mother? Me too... Y_Y


Wilhemina was quick to remedy that.

Wilhemina: "Jareth... I love you..."

Jareth: "Love you too."

Now his mind is more on his wife's hot little body, and not on that book! ^_^

Taya: "mumble-mumble... stupid fire pit..."
Sarah: "I'll read this book for everyone..."
Jareth: "Go for it."
Sarah: *opens book* "There is a truth universally acknowledged..."

Sarah: "The mode of declaration only spared me the concern I may have felt, had you acted in a more gentlemanly manner."
Jareth: "Want a 'smore, Taya?"
Taya: "Nope! I'm not that hungry."
Bailey: "I could eat a million of these things."

Bonus points for anyone who can guess what book Sarah is reading to them? ^,^

Hoggle, Wilhemina and Gator did a spot of fishing off the cliffs. None of them really caught anything. They enjoyed it though.

As it turned out, Bailey had 6 Bass points that I never knew about. So I bought her the instrument, so she could build up on it. Sarah did enjoy playing the drums in Bridgeport, so I let her have a set too. They started a little jamming session.

Wilhemina and Gator started dancing together. Brother and sister dancing, not weird at all. The kid standing way back enjoying the music and dancing, but wanting to act like he is totally embarrassed by them, now that is weird! YOU GET BACK HERE, HOGGLE!! THAT'S YOUR MOTHER, COUSIN, AUNT AND UNCLE... oh, that's why he is all embarrassed... >_>

Wilhemina: "Yay! Food!" *claps*
Gator: "The hotdogs are good."
Hoggle: "Really good."

Jareth and the girls kept on jamming! They look really good together as a perfect band. :O

Jareth: "Bailey, you're really good. How about joining my band?"

Bailey: "Sure, brother! That would be awesome!"

Jareth: "How about joining the band too?"

Sarah: "Bro, what else am I going to do? Hell yeah!"
Taya: *thinking* "A band, huh?"

Jareth: "About all the practise you put in with the piano..."

Taya: "Look Dad, this band would be cool, but I don't want to be like a full member. What about when I move to Bridgeport? Alright, I'll join for now."

It sucks that teens can't join bands, but official or not, Taya will be the keyboard player. Band, complete!

Taya: "Shouldn't we tell Bailey the news? Wait, where is Bailey?"
Sarah: "Who cares! This is a good hotdog!"

Bailey was in the toilet. All those drinks she had were going to come out sometime. >_>

First proper performance of Jareth and the Snowes! ^_^

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Yay Jareth and the Snowes! I didn't realize that bands were official things in the game? 'til you mentioned that teens can't join.

Love the camping scene around the fire pit :) Always love those. And how SIMS-y for a random creeper to just show up and join the family.

I want a hot dog now!

Yep! They are if you have the Late Night EP. Which I do. :D Their band is officially Jareth and the Snowes, in my game. ^_^

Yeah! The whole picnic and night at the cabin was Snowe family at their best! Only in sims would some random old man sit at a table with two teen kids! XD

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