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There is a method in my madness.

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Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - 45

Bailey: "Wow. Six bedroom mansion. Better than some rental cabin."
Tiff: "We can always count on Grandpa Beau."
Sinead: "Are there supposed to be weeds and rocks everywhere?"
Nigel: "Explains why he got it for us."
Shane: "Do I get my own room?"
Tiff: "Of course. Us three get the top floor. Sinead, Bailey, pick whatever room you want on the first floor."

Bailey and Sinead headed to city hall instead of claiming rooms. There are four bedrooms on the first floor, so shouldn't be too hard to pick later.

Sinead: "What was the name we were looking for?"
Bailey: "Villiers."

Bailey: "There was a new house built here, and almost immediately, it was bought by a family of seven and their foster daughter. Apparently this sale was even more unusual. Their foster daughter did the actual purchase transaction. The woman at the desk remembered her. A redhead, with a curly ponytail, blue tracksuit with rainbows."
Sinead: "Taya?"
Bailey: "I'm one hundred percent positive."
Nigel: "We have plans."
Tiff: "Right. Nigel, babydoll, go get some sleep, rest off the jet lag. I'll join you soon. You too, little cottontail, we can start exploring tomorrow."

After the boys went to their beds, the girls headed to the mini-bar in the corner of the dining room. This house is awesome. Decor colour scheme not that great, but I love the furniture placements.

Tiff: "Right, now the boys are asleep, I'll keep Nigel out the way. We don't want him fucking this up. Shane is too curious, he will need distracting. I'll keep them busy, you do what you gotta do."
Sinead: "I'll go to the library and check the names."
Tiff: "What are they?"
Sinead: "Villiers, Farron and Estheim."
Bailey: "I'm going to go door to door. I'll either find them or a cop who can help."
Tiff: "Right. We'll drink these, then postpone until we have something."

Bailey headed out meeting neighbours. Sinbad let her in, but she got to meet Goodwin Goode.

Bailey: "Hi! Are you a cop?"
Goodwin: "Yes."
Bailey: :O "Really?"

No rest for the pixie. Barely there a day, and someone broke among other things, the dishwasher. I blame Nigel. I was focusing on Bailey, but it was probably Nigel's fault. It always is.

Sinead: "One of these days, I'm going to weld him to the next thing he breaks."

The next day, Bailey invited Goodwin over again.

Bailey: "Hi Goodwin, thanks for coming."
Goodwin: "Bailey. You wanted to talk to me about something?"
Bailey: "Yeah... um..."

A little talking, and some shameless flirting, they ended up...

Here! *shakes head* Oh, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey...

Bailey: "Goodwin, how about you spend the night?"
Goodwin: "Alright. We have to be heading towards a serious relationship. I'm not looking for flings. If you want one of those, you should have invited my roommte over."
Bailey: "Okay. I want that too."

Bailey leaned in to kiss him. She felt absolutely nothing. He was a good kisser, she couldn't deny that. This guy knew what he was doing. She felt no spark. Nothing. He was just a guy to kiss.

They didn't go any further that night. He slept in one of the other spare bedrooms. Bailey fell asleep alone in that double bed, dreaming she was in a certain redheaded vampire's arms. In the warm glow of the Sunshine Child.

Shane: "Is there an art gallery?"
Tiff: "I searched on the internet, and yes. Some of the pieces are crafted by high school children."
Nigel: "I'll sit..."
Tiff: "No you won't! You are walking around with us. Spend time with your son."

*jumps for joy* family outing! :D

Shane: "This one is my favourite."
Tiff: "You could fill a whole gallery of your own one day."
Shane: "Really?"
Tiff: "Being a great artist is in your blood."
Shane: "When I start sculpting, will you paint again?"
Tiff: "Sure, little bunny. I'll paint again for you."

Hmm... why am I not surprised Nigel liked the sculpture of a mermaid covering up her boobs?

Shane: "This one is a robot."
Nigel: "Gorgeous. Breathtaking."
Tiff: "You're supposed to be looking at the art."
Nigel: "I am. You're a masterpiece, Sugar Tits."
Tiff: *blushes*

After the art gallery, they headed to Twinbrook Esplanade.

Nigel: "Shane is a wonderful boy."
Tiff: "Who knew a failing journalist and a half drunk barmaid could make such a perfect child."

Nigel: "I am so proud of him.
Tiff: "Me too."
Shane: "I'm going to catch a massive fish."
Tiff: "I'll cook it for dinner."

Shane didn't catch a thing, massive or otherwise. Tiff and Nigel took Bun-Bun to Brunton's Boxcar Diner to get a bite to eat. He was the only one with a real appetite, so the parents waited outside for him.

Then they played on the swing set together. Nigel is a useless sack of shit, but they do make one cute little family! ^_^

Shane: "I'm going to swing higher than you, without help!"
Tiff: "Nigel, you're only pushing me to cop a feel of my ass."
Nigel: "You have a fantastic ass."

Tiff: "Weeeeeee!"
Shane: "We have to get one of these at home."
Nigel: "We'll see."

Sinead headed to the library hoping to see some public records.

Sinead: *mutters* "Villiers, Farron, Estheim. Villiers, Farron, Estheim."

Damn, she is beautiful. *heart eyes*

Sinead: "Hmm... seems they are listed by street..."

No idea who that guy is. I'm still getting used to where everything in Twinbrook is, not even close with the sims. He won't say anything, so I won't random name him.

Sinead: *reads* "16 Puddlewick Drive..."
Villiers, Matilda.
Villiers, David.
Villiers, Jennifer.
Villiers, Neville.
Farron, Alistair.
Farron, Belle.
Estheim, Adam.
Snowe, Taya.

Sinead: "Taya. Wait... Matilda?"

Sinead lowered the book. She had found them. Clear and written in copperplate. Eight names. One she knew. One she knew all too well. Alicia had taken her other mother's name. Was she looking for not only the Alicia that Bailey knew, but also her own mama?

Bailey pegged the wet clothes on the line. She couldn't stop this empty feeling inside. Goodwin was nice, but she felt the same with him as Waylon. She tried to imagine him holding her, but instead of the image of his sculpted body, she felt the curves and cold flesh of Ginny. Bailey shook her head, trying to wipe these thoughts away.

Bailey: "Stop! You barely know her. You don't like women..."

Bailey hurried to Goodwin's home, glad to see him. She hurried him off to his white and blue heavenly inspired bedroom.

Bailey: "Goodwin, you want commitment, you got it. Even when I have to go home, we can do long distance. Make it work."
Goodwin: "We will be just one plane flight apart."

Goodwin: *moans* "Mmm..."
Bailey: *moans* "Gi----GOODWIN!"

And one thing lead to another...

And after she had gotten some, she strutted out of there looking pretty pleased with herself.

*shakes head* I am so judging her right now. STOP MESSING AROUND WITH THAT SWEET MAN'S HEAD, AND GO BACK TO GINNY, DAMMIT! >:O

The girls met in their nook to have a chat.

Bailey: "So I talked to Goodwin..."
Tiff: "More like slept with! I saw you strutting in here earlier."
Bailey: *blush* "It wasn't like that!"
Sinead: "Oh course not..." ^_~
Sinead: "I got information. All eight of them, different names. One was Matilda."
Tiff: :O "Like Mum?"
Sinead: "Yeah. 16 Puddlewick Drive. We find that, we find them."

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Nigel certainly does have predictable taste in art!

Baileyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it's okay if you don't like dick! (hmm, maybe she liked that part, just not the kissing and stuff? She did look pretty happy strutting about afterward)

He does indeed. I'm just glad he sticks to writing. XD I imagine anything artwise he creates would be a giant pair of tits.

I'm so judging Bailey for messing with Goodwin. She should just admit she's a lesbian already, and leave him alone.

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