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There is a method in my madness.

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Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - 50
In loving memory of Baby.


Tiny, loving and mischievous.
Stolen before your time.
Love you, Booboo


Hoggle: "Woah! Where are we?" :O
Taya: "Toto, we are not in Kansas any more."
Wilhemina: "Is that a flying bus?!"
Jareth: "There are robots down there... why are there robots?"
Sarah: "The time machine says we travelled a thousand years in time..."
Gator: *thinks* "I wonder if I still have my old job..."

Emit: "Welcome to Oasis Landing!"
Sarah: "Are we in the future?"
Emit: "For you, yes. Now you are in the present. Make yourselves at home. I managed to collect one of those games devices you like. Very outdated, borderline a relic, but I know someone who managed to wire it to my TV."

Even in the distant future, the Snowes never change. XD

Emit: "As time travellers, you are forbidden from searching the archives about your own history. Knowing what will happen in your lives upon your return may prevent those events from coming to pass."
Sarah: "What if we want to find out what happened to our estranged sisters and nephew?"
Emit: "If you play no part in what comes to pass, and let things happen as they are meant to, I see no harm in that."
Jareth: "Any other rules we should know?"
Emit: "You are forbidden from building a Plumbot or purchase one. We had time travellers buy some, take them back to the past. Retrieving them got messy."
Gator: "How could retrieving a robot get messy?"
Emit: "Plumbots are very loyal. Some have been known to rust away after the death of their master. Even with sentience, they are devoted. To make a plumbot forget, they either have to be tortured until they fear humans or be destoryed. They have just a much right to live as anyone. Plumbots often serve their families for generations."
Jareth: "No plumbots, got it."

The Snowe cousins did some exploring in Emit's home. It was a mansion to them. So many bedrooms and more technology than they had ever seen.

Taya: "What is this?"
Hoggle: "No idea. We should take the stairs."
Taya: "Don't be such a wimp! We live in the future now, we should do future stuff. I'm going to try it."

Taya: "Woo!!! This is awesome!"
Hoggle: "Maybe I should go eat my vegetables..."

In case you missed it, that is Taya's foot at the top of the tube.

Taya: "Hoggle! I'm upstairs! Come up! Oh my gosh! That was such a rush."
Hoggle: "I THINK I'LL PASS!"
Taya: "Chicken shit! Just get up here."

During their exploring, they found a pool table and had to try it out.

Hoggle: "We should head outside, see what kind of plant life grow around here."
Gator: "Staying in here would be a good idea."
Taya: "Uncle Gator, you know what your problem is?"
Gator: "No...?"
Taya: "You just sit around and let other people do everything. But that doesn't cut it any more. What are we?"
Gator: "Time travellers?"

Taya: "Snowes! We are Snowes. We don't just sit around and let stuff come to us. We get shit done. You want to live here? Do it! Go get a job or something. Live, not just go with what everyone else does."

I love this girl so much. Doesn't she look determined, leaning over the table like that?

Gator: "Emit, how do you go about getting a job around here?"
Emit: "Careers are at an all time low here. Most sims have had to resort to surviving based off their own skills to make do after the great drought that dried up our oceans. We have openings at the Bot Arena if you prefer to work with your hands or are good with people. The observatory has an opening also. They are eager to learn about the ways of the past and future. If knowledge is more your thing, give it a try."

Taya: "Think I got through to him?"
Hoggle: "Yeah, I think so."
Taya: "How about we head out and check out them hover boards Emit gave us."

Taya: "Here should do."
Hoggle: "If you fall in the water, I'm going to laugh."
Taya: "Ditto."

They seemed to get the hang of it pretty quick, started to make some progress towards their first Advanced Technology skill point.

Hoggle: "How is this possible?!"
Taya: "Who cares?! It's fun!"

Taya: "OUCH!!!"

Taya had a bumpy landing off the hover board. XD Hoggle decided to hang back and laugh. I don't see why he is so smug. He fell off too.

Hoggle: "I don't feel like going back yet. How about we ride one of them buses?"
Taya: "I'm so proud, cuz! Sure! I think there is a station across the street."

Sarah: "Can you believe it? We're centuries away from home."
Jareth: "It had to be done for the kids. They never signed up for any of this."
Wilhemina: "Hoggle only helped me grow the life fruit, because he wanted to feel included."
Gator: "I say, we just sit back and do nothing. Let them find their own way."
Jareth: "Wow. I never thought I would ever agree with you."
Gator: "WOAH! Busted! You can't take it back now!"
Sarah: XD "You are never living that down."
Wilhemina: XD

Hoggle: "I'M GOING TO BARF!!"

The cousins are not enjoying their first hover bus experience. XD Love you both, Sweet Pea and Hogwart. (I KNOW IT'S HOGGLE!)

They are headed to this place. I found it on the poorer part of town, away from pretty much all the advanced technology of the rest of Oasis Landing. It's called The Mine.

Hoggle: "I'M GOING TO FALL!"
Taya: "Don't panic, Cuz, I got your hand."

They decided to try again on the hover boards. They still fell off when they arrived at The Mine.

Jareth: "I think this is a bed... or some kind of couch."
Wilhemina: "No duvet or even decent pillows. How could this be a bed?"
Jareth: "Well, there is only one way to find out..."

Wilhemina: "You're not going to start scheming tomorrow, are you?"
Jareth: "No. More. Scheming..."
Wilhemina: "I've waited a thousand years so..."

Yes, they did. Their first woohoo in a dream pod.

Taya enjoyed the arcade. Even in the future, nothing changes. Hoggle decided to try doing some tricks.

Hoggle: "WOAH!!"
Taya: "What are you doing over there?"
Hoggle: "Nothing!" >_>

Gator and Sarah had no problem sleeping in a dream pod. :( They can't snuggle up. That was cute seeing them all angelic and snuggly when they sleep.

Hoggle: *thinks* "What excuse can I come up with?"
Taya: "Is that the weird bed you're too chicken shit to sleep in alone?"
Hoggle: "Yeah."

Taya: "If anyone from our time-or any time for that matter-finds out we shared a bed because you are a wimp, I will kill you."
Hoggle: "Understood."

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Sorry about Baby ♥

Using my only BTTF icon here!

Where did all the cool future-y stuff come from? Like the human pneumatic tube and the "dreampod" and the hoverboards and even the different-looking gaming system? And haha I think expecting Gator to do more than put on clothes might be asking too much! Very sweet of Taya to cater to her wussy cousin :) Lovely update!

Thank you. Tiny kitty, massive impact on my life. Y_Y

They came from the Into The Future expansion pack. My old sims laptop could only handle 2 expansion packs. My mother's laptop can handle 3 as far as I know. So, yeah. I took advantage of that.

Gator wearing clothes? :O And watching TV? >_< NO TOO MUCH! Taya and Hoggle have got each other's backs. Them hanging together is cute.

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