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Bella Go Boom - A BB Challenge: 1 - While It Lasts

Some neighbours came to welcome the new couple. Mortimer was heading for the military base. I think that is Mary Baker, and her son Lincoln. There was another guy, but he rang the doorbell then left. Rude.

Bella: "Hi! I'm Bella."
Mary: "Mary Baker. This is my son Lincoln. He is single."
Lincoln: "Mother!" >:O
Lincoln: *checks Bella out*
Bella: "Great. I'm married. My husband is in the military."

I'm guessing we'll need them 24 kids to fight off creeps like Lincoln and busybodies like Mary.

Said husband enlisted to the military. At least he will be getting paid to earn all that handiness skill, since service sims are off the table.

While Mortimer was getting them a steady income, Bella headed down to the river to get a start on fishing.

Bella: "It's so nice and peaceful here." <3

Enjoy it while it lasts. XD

Instead of going straight home, Mortimer headed to the gym. He might as well try to earn some skills towards that promotion. He earned 2 athletic points, before heading home. I think I'll get this one to 10 ASAP. No doubt Handiness will earn itself easy enough.

Bella moved a little further down river, where the fish were a bit more plentiful. She is nearing 3 points already! :O

Bella: "I see you shark! I'm gonna catch you, then I'm gonna eat you, then I'm gonna poop you into my toilet."

Well, a girl can dream. That shark stays, since she doesn't even have enough fishing points to catch it.

Way to crap it up, Morty. As soon as he got home, he decided to guzzle down some ice cream. Well, it's a good job there is only one appendage on him that matters for this challenge.

Mortimer: "Mm... Mint choc chip."

>:O Enjoy it while it lasts!

At least Bella cooked something healthy after all that fishing! Just a salad, but she gained some cooking skill. One of them is going to have to get to 10 points to make ambrosia, if they plan on actually surviving this challenge.

Even their dreams are out of sync. XD

Bella: "Shark, I will catch you!"
Mortimer: "Kids..."

While Bella goes all Captain Ahab on us, Mortimer is thinking about kids. Oddly enough, he has no wishes for it. Bella rolled her first wish to have their first infant while psyching out that shark.

By my count, the bills should start coming in starting tomorrow, so I sent Bella to the supermarket. She rolled a wish to buy a lottery ticket. I figured, it's only §10, so why not? From the money she made, she bought a load of tomatoes. And pretty much spent most of the money.

Then to the bookstore next door. It occurred to me that she needs to get a start on gardening. They don't have a TV that gets the gardening channel, and they certainly can't afford classes. I could have gone to the library for a free book, but I figured it would all balance out, since Mortimer could read it too once she is done. There is a method in my madness of making them dirt broke again.

As soon as she got home, she started reading it. <3 I love the wallpaper there. That is my fave CASt pattern. (Mpart when you see this, thanks again for this house. *hugs* )

Mortimer had a book to read to get an increase in career performance, and with his boss. So I made him read it. They are really going to need the cash, if they are going to survive when the pitter-patter of little Goth feet echo through the house.

Bella: "How's work?"
Mortimer: "How was your day?"
Bella: "Good. I bought a lottery ticket."
Mortimer: "Waste of money."

After gaining her first point, Bella started planting all those tomatoes. I figured she should learn by doing. However, she only made it halfway through that line up then stopped abruptly.

Holy fuck! She won! §100,000! :O *picks jaw up off the floor* I didn't even think winning was possible without a trip to Oasis Landing to cheat win. The Goths won't be living pay check to pay check any more.


Bella earned more money in one day than Mortimer has at all. They aren't splashing out with this though. They can live with their starter furniture, it can cover living expenses, and expansions when they need it for children.

Now they are financially stable...

Bella: "You poor thing! You must have had a hard day... let me give you a back rub..."
Mortimer: "I had to march five miles today..." :(
Bella: "That's awful! How about I give you another kind of massage..."

Bella: "You just relax..."
Mortimer: "Woah! Bells, I should over work more often..."

After having her way with Mortimer, Bella returned to planting the rest of the seeds. I arranged the new rows better than the last ones. After the garden was all planted, she headed to bed to get some sleep.

Then she woke up abruptly to hurl her guts up. And yes, she is. Preggo first try.

Not much happened the next day. Easily paid the bills off the winnings. Her garden is starting to grow nicely, and her skill points increasing. She is already approaching 3 points. Mortimer focused on work. He pretty much lives in his uniform at the moment.

Bella did some cleaning up, then the sink broke. Mortimer had to fix it, but he got some handiness experience for work, so win-win there! But he didn't fully fix it. Got to about 50% then headed to bed.

All during this, Bella's suffered horribly from morning sickness. Literally as soon as the nauseous moodlet goes after spewing, within a game hour it's back again. :(

Then she popped! :D

Bella: "Hello Buba."

Looks like she is now eating for two! She had a little bite to eat.

Then headed back to bed.

Mortimer: "ZZzzzZZzz... we should buy a car..."

Yeah, not going to happen. Even if this wasn't the kind of challenge it is, he's still not wasting all that money on a damn car, when taxis are free in this game.
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