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Bella Go Boom - A BB Challenge: 2 - Priorities

Mortimer finally fixed the sink! About time!

Then made himself useful and tended to the garden for Bella. She really needed the rest. Considering her horrendous morning sickness, and in these trimesters she has done nothing but sleep mostly.

Bella got up to do a little cleaning. Mortimer could have done it, but oh no! He has been so lazy. He is practically channelling Gator Snowe right now.

She made a trip to the book store to get a pregnancy book and fulfil a wish to read it in the process.

Bella: "Maybe I should head next door for a lottery ticket..."

NO YOU WON'T! You're not making this challenge way too easy... again. I rejected the wish as soon as she rolled it.

Then I decided to send her to the spa to get the best package. Yeah, it's §7,500, and bites a chunk out of the lottery winnings, she deserves it.

Bella: :O "A massage table? Fancy!"

Instead of making her head all the way home to read her book, she settled down on the bench outside. Being a bookworm, she read it pretty quick.

Bella: :O "I'm going to poop in front of doctors?!"

Well... yeah.

I sent her out searching for some special seeds. The way that seed is glowing it's probably either death flower or plasma fruit. Neither of which are what I'm looking for, but she managed to grab two seeds so we'll see what happens.

The next morning...

Bella: "Oh, Mortimer, by the way, I'm pregnant!"
Mortimer: "Bells, that is wonderful! I thought you were fa..."
Mortimer: "Fantastically beautiful....?"

Mortimer, run fast, run far, and hide.

Now it was his turn to read the book. Usually I don't really care about the dad's wishes during pregnancy, but Bella wanted him to read it, so he did.

I think that book knocked some sense into him. He was more caring after that, helping Bella with her garden.

Mortimer: "I love you so much."
Bella: "Oh, Morty!"

<3 Dip kiss! It's so damn cute every time!

He gave her a passionate kiss that made her glad she married him.

Bella: "OWWW!!! PAIN!! MOTHER OF... OWWW!!"
Mortimer: "What is it my love?"

Mortimer: "I'LL GET YOU FOOD... What would you like?"
Bella: "CALL. A. CAB. I. WANT. THE. DRUGS!!!"

And, Mortimer didn't make it into the cab. He made his way to the hospital on his own.

Bella: "I hate that the cabbie has the same hair as me."

As soon as Bella walked by this chick, she started flipping out. Like WTF lady? Well, apparently she is Mortimer's co-worker, but I haven't got a clue who she is.

Welcome to the family, Benio Goth!
Traits: Excitable and Perceptive.

Named after Ouran High School Host Club character, Benio Amakuza, leader of the Zuka Club. Yeah, I planned to name the first girl after her. I'm such a Lady Benibara fan girl.

Bella: "Aren't you so cute!! Here is a bottle for my little Benio."

Then she tucked Benio into her crib. I love that crib so much! So glad it looks so damn good in game.

Even Mortimer had to give her a little cuddle. <3

Mortimer: "Yeah, I need to take a day off. Spend the day with my daughter? Yeah, sure."

I'd like to say he took this day off to help Bella with Benio, but no.

Bella got to enjoy all the burrito Benio cuddles. While Mortimer...

Mortimer: "Why does getting in shape have to be so hard?"

Went to the gym. *rolls eyes*

Oh, it's a hard life for you, isn't it? Your wife has to push a minimum of 24 kids out of her vag, and you have the job a turkey baster can do with less of the bitching. Someone hold my purse, I'm going to teach him some manners... >_>

While little Benio was asleep, Bella got some time to watch TV and relax. She could have done some skilling, but I left her to it.

Bella: "I wonder I could build a robot army..."

No. No reason. Just, no.

Her garden was in full bloom. To be honest, she doesn't have much time to work on it now the kids have landed. She can get much bigger skill boost putting her bookworm trait to better use, so after she picked all the tomatoes, I demolished it. Thanks to her lottery win, they don't really need the added income. She can have another garden after the first batch of kids are born, and hopefully by then I will have a good stash of special seeds.

Bella: "Hello little Benio!"

*heart eyes* I love seeing her dote on Benio.

While Mortimer unclogged the toilet.

Mortimer: *grumbles incoherently.*

It's a hard-knock life for us...
*rolls eyes*

He wanted to work out. I could have let him go to the nice quiet gym across town, but instead, he's on Benio duty while Bella sleeps. He can work out in front of the TV and like it.

I decided to spend some of the winnings and expand a little, to make room for more Mini-Goths. Not much in the main room. Just pushed the kitchen back a little. That door there leads to this...

Basically, it's a mirror image in size of Bella and Mortimer's master bedroom. The old nursery room is still there. But I've not 100% decided what to do with it yet.

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