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Bella Go Boom - A BB Challenge: 3 - Growing Family

Little Benio getting tucked up nice and snug in her new crib in her new nursery.

Bella: "Sleep tight, little snuggle bug."

Now, why is there another crib? Well...

Making her intentions clear, Bella plants a big smooch on Mortimer.

Bella: "Benio is a sweet girl."
Mortimer: "She is. She would be so happy with a brother or sister to play with."
Bella: "I was thinking the same thing."

We all know what happens next. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

Bella: "How about you show me that physique you've been working on..."
Mortimer: "Oh, Bells..."

Cake time for little Benio!

Mortimer: "Make a wish!"
Benio: >_>

Bella continued her pursuit of that shark. No luck yet. She did gain some skill experience. At this point, I think it would be cruel not to let her keep it when she finally catches it. I wonder if fish can be mounted on the wall in this game. Hmm... I'll have to look into that.

Little Benibara! I had a good look at her when I gave her the age up makeover. She has Mortimer's eye colour. Her eyes are kinda large like Bella's, and she has what looks like her puckered lips too.

Mortimer: "Just like before. Like in your nappies."
Benio: "...?"

Potty training first! Since this one takes the longest.

Mortimer: "tickle-tickle..."
Benio: XD

I see that her skin tone is a little darker than his. I think she is lighter skinned than Bella though.

Peek-a-boo! Where's Benio? *heart eyes* I love this little buba so much!

Bella: *hurls*
Bella: "Not again!"

We all know what this means! ^_^

Little Benio learned how to walk.

Bella: "Come to Mama!"

Just as Benio learned to walk, Bella popped! *jumps for joy* More kiddos. ^_^

Bella: "Baba for buba!"

No reason for this other than how cute it is. *heart eyes*

A little later on...

Bella: "Tank. Dada drives tanks."
Benio: "Tank!"
Bella: "Good girl!"

That's all of Benio's toddler skills done and dusted. *pats hands together*

So cute! *heart eyes* Benio is so adorable! I really can't get enough snaps of her.

Time for some real skilling! I left her to chose for herself which on she wanted to focus on, by leaving the logic blocks and the xylophone on the floor. She picked that all by herself. I was secretly hoping she would pick it. As much as a girl needs logic, I hoped my Mini-Benibara would choose music.

Bella: "Yay! Benio!"

I didn't even know that parents or sims nearby applauded their xylophone jamming toddlers. O_O Learn something new every day.

Now that Benio is able to skill on her own, back to the parents! I sent Bella to the book store to buy the cooking and gardening skill books. We are going to need them, now Bella needs to keep her needs up to take care of the minis and herself.

Mortimer got a man cave, of sorts. It's basically Benio's old 4x4 nursery now empty of everything but the curtains, where I dumped that exercise machine. Going to the gym is out of the question for him, and him jumping around in front of the TV will just be getting in everyone's way.

His skills seem to be at a stand still. He's been nearly 5 athletic skill points for ages.

Bella started reading those books. She is already at 8 gardening skill points.

Benio maxed the xylophone! :O

Benio: "Mama ouch."

Benio moved onto the logic box, purely out of her own choosing.

Mortmer however is at work. Service sims aren't allowed so we can't hire a baby sitter. Bella, sadly, had to give birth at home.

Welcome to the family Bobbie Goth!
Traits: Couch Potato and Brave.

Named after my fave country singer Bobbie Gentry. :D

But there was one more surprise to come...

Blue Goth! (Bella's holding her.)
Traits: Good and Genius.

Where her name came from... do you need a clue?

And this is the last time I could tell the twins apart. Because Bella placed Bobbie in the crib, and then gave birth to Blue.

Benio has 3 days left until ageing up. Three girls. Still some space left in the house so...

Mortimer: "Mon cher..."
Mortimer: "Je t'aime."
Bella: "Oh, Mortimer..."
Mortimer: "Tu es belle."

Apparently the French worked on Bella because...

Bella: "Say that second one to me again..."
Mortimer: "Je t'aime."

Yeah. They did.

Mortimer: "Bella! Which is this one again?"

I have no idea... at all.

So sweet! :D Bella and Mortimer both taking care of the twins. <3
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