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Bella Go Boom - A BB Challenge: 4 - Birthday Chaos

Mortimer checking on the twins! ^_^ I still have no idea who is who.

Mortimer got so close to six skill points, so I let him work out until he got the skill point. Now he needs to focus on handiness. I've not kept track of his promotions at this point, so I don't know how far along he is in his career. I know he has gotten a few promotions.

Mortimer: "One, two, three, four... aiming for riches and the stars. Five, six, seven, eight... want a new car, not too late."

You're not getting a damn car! >:O

Also, somehow Mortimer is a 2 star celeb. The only way he is getting a car is if he gets one as a 5 star celeb gift. Maybe not even then. XD

This should become the poster image for this challenge; Bella face down tossing her cookies into the porcelain throne praying to all the gods in existence that she isn't preggo again, when we all know that she is.

Poor Bells. She really has had horrendous morning sickness with each pregnancy.

No rest for Bella though. From hurling her guts up, to feeding the kiddos.

Bella: "Here you go, Lil Benibara!" :D

Bella: "That desire I had for a massive family? I'm over it."

Too late now. XD

Bella sat down to read the gardening skill book. She had to keep stopping to take care of the little ones. Then her book totally vanished. I couldn't find it anywhere. I might have accidentally sold it from her inventory. When she gets five minutes to herself, I'll have to go buy a new one.

Some mama and Benio cuddles. *heart eyes*

Pity they can't stay this little forever. Then again, I say that about all kids born in my game. XD

Bella donated some money to charity. Mostly for the LTR points, and because I feel like fulfilling some small unimportant wishes.

Bella: "Here you go Walled In Sims! 100 simoleons from me!"

Bella learned one of the many pitfalls of having so many kids; having to clean up their poop. Looks like the potty was overflowing a little too. This house so needs a neat sim.

At this point, I started to wonder: WHERE THE HECK IS MORTIMER?! He should have gotten home from work by now.

*raises eyebrow disapprovingly* Morty, Morty, Morty... *shakes head*

He barely made it out of work, then passed out. I woke his lazy ass up, and sent him back home. For leaving Bella to cope with the kids alone like that, when the public disgrace moodlet came, I decided he would endure it. Fitting punishment, I think.

Benio: "WAA!! HUNGRY!!"

Bella popped! And it was at this point I started seriously hoping she was carrying at least one boy.

Just think, if Mortimer wasn't such an ass, Benio would have been fed sooner. Instead of him passing out, coming home then going straight to bed. Benio did get fed just after this. No kiddies neglect here!

Bella then moved on to caring for the twins. I think that one is Blue. Saying that, she's probably Bobbie. XD I really don't have a clue.

Happy I can tell the twins apart day! I mean... the twin's birthday! ;D

Bobbie! Isn't she cute? I think I see a mix of Mortimer and Bella in her. She has her mother's mouth, and I think Mortimer's eye shape.

And Blue! Figured out who she is named after yet or do you need another clue?

I see a lot of Mortimer in her. Still too early to tell though.

Mortimer chose the wrong time to start potty training though.

Mortimer: "Just go potty..."
Blue: "WAAAAAA!!!"
Benio: "Need potty!"

Blue did get some food. And lots of this...

Bella: *tickle-tickle*
Blue: XD

Never gets old. *heart eyes*

Succeeding where Mortimer failed, Bella made sure Blue was well fed and in a good enough mood to be sat on a potty until she pooped.

Bella: "That's it Blue, go like a big girl."
Blue: "Bow?"

Bella: "Make a wish!"
Benio: "No boys ever!"


Benio! :D Looking at her face, I see a lot of Bella as a child in her now. Her eyes don't look so big now though.

And, Benio got her old nursery back! Well, it's Benio's bedroom now. Since there is only 1 child in the house, I didn't want to start expanding yet. Mortimer lost his man cave, and the exercise machine moved into the master bedroom.

One of the first things she did was start working out in front of the TV. I didn't even know kids could work out. :O I practically learn something new every update.

Isn't it funny how the house used to be spotless Gothic minimalism, and now there are practically toys and potty puddles everywhere? Wow. Stuff like that changes fast. :O

Bobbie getting her potty training! Once again, it all landed on Bella. I'll be glad when Mortimer reaches the top of this career track, then he will only have to work 1 day a week and start pulling his weight around here. I'm not taking any of his shit any more.

And this sums this family up nicely! The muscular father flails around like a wimp, while it's the very pregnant mother that puts the fire out. And it was Mortimer who started the fire.

Mortimer: "Okay Bobbie, this is life lesson time for you. If you win the lottery, the first thing you do is buy a car. Like that one behind you."
Bobbie: "...?"


Bobbie did learn to talk! Aww!! Blue's jamming on the xylophone back there! The kiddies are so cute! I'm going to be sad to let this batch of girls go. All three of them are the cutest little bubas ever.

Bella went into labour. Rather than let her suffer it out at home, I sent her to the hospital and made Mortimer stay home with the girls. He's useless anyways.

What is wrong with the people of Twinbrook? She walked by these two, and they started freaking out. Then five more people came along to help freak out.

FINALLY A BOY!! *party streamers and confetti explode everywhere*

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