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Bella Go Boom - A BB Challenge: 5 - How Did That Happen?

Benio: "Look Ma, Pa, I'm exercising!"
Bella: "That's nice, sweetie."
Mortimer: "You got this, Benio!"

XD Bella and Mortimer get zero free time these days. Not even when they sit down to read a book.

A little mother and son time. Bella always makes it to Baelfire's crib first.

Bella: "You are such a little cutie."

Time to start skilling the twins! Bella sat Blue down in the nursery to teach her to talk.

Bella: "The best thing to remember when fishing for sharks, don't do it during a storm. Can you say storm?"
Blue: "Bow?"
Bella: "Storm."
Blue: "Ba?"
Bella: "Storm!"
Blue: "Clue!"

Mortimer actually did something for the kids for a change. He did most of the work teaching Bobbie to walk. She didn't get the skill bar all the way though.

Mortimer: "Come on, one more step..."

Benio started doing her first homework! Yep, there is a new little oven. It is there for a reason...

Benio doesn't have to wait for her parents to cook any more! :D She made a plate of vanilla muffins and left them on the oven for Bella and Mortimer to help themselves to.

Mortimer potty trained Blue! Bobbie is already potty trained, but I don't seem to have a snap of that.

Mortimer: "Go potty like a big girl."
Blue: "Bow!"

The house is a dump. Everything is either dirty or broken. There are plates everywhere. Bella started picking up the toys and did a bit of cleaning. I so wish I was allowed to hire a maid. XD Or at least had a neat sim or two in the family.

Last run with the twins life skills. Bobbie learned to walk with Bella's help, and Mortimer actually managed to teach Blue to walk in one attempt.

Then it was back to cleaning for Bella.

Bella: "I remember when the house was spotless..."

Yeah, I do too. When they first moved in. XD The Goths are giving the Snowes a run for their money on being slobs without the required trait.

After scrubbing the house, while Mortimer spent some time with the kids for a change, Bella got a chance to sit down and watch some TV with her daughter.

Benio: "I would have picked the toys up for you, Mum."
Bella: "I know Benio." ^_^

Then the TV broke, and Mortimer had to fix it.

Mortimer: *grumbles* "Everything breaks... damn kids..."

XD He thinks it's going to get easier... yeah, in this house, if it's not broken it is about to break.

And it's about here Bella wished to have another baby, so...

Mortimer: "This is just a regular woohoo, right?"
Bella: "Sure Morty, whatever you want..."

The newspapers were stacking up on the porch. I honestly thought I had cancelled the newspaper service, but apparently not. It was turned off after this.

While all this was going on, Bobbie passed out on the floor through tiredness. But that isn't the worst part...

She passed out right in the middle of the living room/kitchen, and no one seemed to care. They just left her to sleep there on the floor without even considering putting her in a crib. In fact, Bella was asleep herself.

We all know what this means. She's pregnant again! And at this point, I learned that the toilet was broken. I'm kinda disappointed I didn't get a shot of her face down in the toilet again. :( Well, hopefully next pregnancy!

Benio is such a good girl! She helped a little by cleaning out the potty. She then mopped up the puddle that is always next to it in the door way.

After cleaning up after her siblings she danced at the stereo.

Benio: ^_^

Awww!!!! *heart eyes* Blue is playing with the peg box!! And yes... Bobbie is still passed out on the floor.

Baelfire aged up! *jumps for joy*

I have no idea where that blonde hair came from! :O He is such a cutie though.

When Bobbie did wake up, is it any wonder this happened?

Bella: "I think I'm deaf."

After she changed Bobbie's diaper, tickled her and gave her a bottle, Bella tucked her into the crib. Considering Bobbie spent the day sleeping on the floor, she didn't fill her energy bar very far. I'm just glad someone finally noticed her! Bad parenting award! >:O

Bella: "Tickle-tickle..."
Baelfire: XD
Bella: "Tickle little Bae..."
Baelfire: XD

Toddlers are just so adorable! Especially the Goth kids. Bella and Mortimer certainly make beautiful babies.

After all the little ones were tucked up nice and comfortable in their crib, Bella popped! :D Another Goth on the way!

Bella wanted to try the lottery again. I doubted they will win again as much as before, and they didn't. They got nothing. At least she got some points from the wish.

Benio: "And sinks can be made unbreakable and self-cleaning?"
Mortimer: "Correct!"

Mortimer had to work on the handiness skill for work. But he didn't get that much skill process. I'm starting to think that the only real skilling will go on, when there isn't so many little kids in the house! :O

At least the twins are 2 days away from ageing up.
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