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There is a method in my madness.

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Lights, Camera, Snowes!
If you follow me or have friended me on here, you know that I uploaded a fair few new userpics of the Snowes. (If that is the case, so sorry! Blowing up your message feeds with 10 new pics wasn't my intention.) I don't know how much anyone pays attention to the userpics, but they are better now compared to some of my earlier crappy photography skills. The remaining members will get new pics too, when I find the right poses for them. ^_^

To get such great pics, I had a bit of a modelling session with most of the Snowes, and naturally had to use poses. I thought I would share the original uncropped pictures in all their splendour.

Enjoy! :D

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Ahhhhh these are lovely! Thanks for sharing!
I think my fave is actually Alicia and the drinks :)

That one is my favourite too! :D Along with Wilhemina gracefully touching the glass, and how the moon is in the background. I didn't even realise I had caught the moon in the shot until I was going through them.

XD I'm surprised your favourite wasn't Gator in his underpants all smug, like "Damn right I'm in my pants." Yeah, I did pose him like that on purpose. Most of the family was in their PJs, so I changed them, then reached Gator and thought he should stay in them.

I do love Gator and his undies, yes, definitely, but see, I can totally appreciate the others as well -- like Drinky Grandma :)

That did turn out amazing. I wanted to have it, so it was paying homage to my last Alicia icon, where she was having a drink. Except in this one, she was like "This one is for me, the other is for you" kind of thing. ^_^ I actually had her mix up those drinks before I posed her, so there was a tray object for her to pose with.

The other amazing one, that I'm most proud of how it turned out was the Matilda one (in my current userpic for this comment.) She does look particularly rebellious! You can see why Grim has such a hard time keeping her in her oubliette. XD

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