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There is a method in my madness.

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Happy New Year!
Matilda, Chester, Alicia
I'll start of with a happy new year to you all! ^_^

While everyone was seeing in new year, the Snowes did too! Well, the ones living in Sunset Valley at least. They threw a new year party, inviting co-workers, friends, and a few special people.

(I promise, I'll get back to PoH in the new year too, instead of all these poses non-canon side stories and extra posts. The amount of poses going on in this one, I've had my fill for a while. *seeing tweety birds* )


Here is a few very mysterious things to think about;

  • Kelly's dad was at that party.

  • Don't automatically assume he is the only guy with black hair! I'm going to remind you, Taya didn't get her red hair from either parent.

  • Shane's future girlfriend is at that party.

  • Who is the mysterious woman talking to Bailey? :O

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Happy new year! I love the posts with all the poses. It's fun seeing you try them all out =D

I have to say, I definitely think Kelly's father is Mortimer. As for Shane's future girlfriend...I would go with Bella but I'm not sure. Hmm.

Shit! I meant Gunther! Whoops! XD

Yeah! They are fun. I have had my fill for now though. *exhales* So many poses... too many sims...

For Kelly's dad... *zips mouth* XD Even though I was bribed into telling. But, I can't be bought into caving over Shane's girlfriend... >_>

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