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There is a method in my madness.

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Lights, Camera, Snowes! part 2
Matilda, Chester, Alicia
I finally added the last four userpics, and you know how I love sharing pics of my precious Snowes. So here they are, the last four userpics uncropped. There are also some bonus shots! :D

The last three pics are two alternative pics, and a picture purely because it's cute. ^_^

Again, I promise now that I've got this whole poses binge out my system and got a lot of amazing pics out of it, the next blog post I make will be PoH. (I'll promise again, so that's three times I've promised!)

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These are great! I know you said you got them out of your system but really, just post whatever floats your boat, we'll go along for the ride :) Assuming the questions will get answered all in due time, of course... lol.

And the Tits of Inspiration even made an appearance in this update!

It's the new year party post I did. There was about 21 sims to sort out, and in each shot (except for the kids sitting in a circle in the background of the last one, and one where they are playing together outside), no two sims are doing the same pose. I'm not sure if you've seen that one, I did it for new years' day. If you have seen it, you'll see why I've had my fill of poses for a while. XD

Oh yeah! :D You got to have the tits of inspiration. Nigel would be an even shittier writer than he is now without them. XD

Ah yes tons of poses in that one! Good stuff! I wonder if you'll get a yearning to do more poses eventually though, like how we yearn to play the game :)

Nigel is going to be the next... Stephenie Meyer. LOL

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