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There is a method in my madness.

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Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - 57

Alicia started her day reading her research journal. Yep, I'm surprised too. :O It's funny she starts giving a crap about her career now that I'm actually considering a new one for her. Ambitions has ruined the medicine career for me.

Taya has had rocks and ores in her inventory forever, so I had her get them all cut. Then they can be sold.

Taya: "Hopefully that weird rock will come in handy."

The laundry was building up way too much. Wilhemina went to the laundromat where she could tackle the bulk of it. Jareth decided to tag along too.

Wilhemina put the stinky bag of clothes in the washing machine.

Jareth set up a picnic just outside, while they waited for the washing machine to finish the load.

Jareth: "This is a good spot."

Wilhemina: "This is nice."
Jareth: "It is."
Wilhemina: "I'm not in danger if I go out you know."
Jareth: "No, but you could be..."
Wilhemina: "We are safe. Not in Oasis Landing any more."

While Wilhemina moved the clothes to the dryer, Jareth packed up the picnic. It was a short date, but it was a date none the less.

Jareth: "Not in Oasis Landing any more..."
Jareth: "..."
Jareth: "But we're not safe."

Sarah and Gator came home from work at the same time for a change!

Gator got a promotion to Middle School Teacher. That's level five, and he's got there in 4 career tracks, that's his LTW of Jack of all Trades done! :D He actually seems quite a good fit for a teacher. His career stays. I fear for the future of the Twinbrook children... He has no logic skills, and will probably never earn them, but he has the charisma! ^_^

Sarah: "Oh Alligator! You look so good in your uniform... with trousers."
Gator: "I'm not going to stop walking around in my underpants!"


*sigh* So the constant calls for dates begin... this is so one of the game's worst features.

Chester: "Relax and have a good homegrown organic grilled cheese sandwich."
Sarah: "Papa, you do know we buy that cheese from the store, right? It comes in a packet."
Chester: "That's right, good homegrown organic grilled cheese sandwich."

XD Well, they do say ignorance is bliss. Even though I frequently forget Chester is alive, I do love him.

And Taya got stuck with the laundry, again! I think it might be time to expand on the laundry room. Sell that crappy food replicator, and put in another washing machine. Maybe add some clothes line, that should please Chester.

I've said it once, I've said it a million times; The Snowes are slobs! Slobs, I tell you!

That night, outside Taya's bedroom.

Taya: "I'm going to the market after school tomorrow. Are you sure it was bell peppers? Seems a little a random. Can't it be like apples or something?"

Hoggle: "Sure cousin! Get whatever you want! Why follow instructions?"

Taya: "Okay, Sir Castic, knight of the cowardly bed wetters, I get it! Bell peppers it is."

After a quick shower, Hoggle put on his regular clothes and sat down to a game of chess on the balcony.

Hoggle: "That airhead is going to screw it up."

Chester: "How in blue blazes did she make something like that?!"

Chester returned to sculpting, and attempted to hide his blatant jealousy at his granddaughter's talents.

Hey, Taya is damn good at what she does.

In fact, she got up extra early to do her homework, and make a to-do list.

Taya: "Buy bell peppers. Dance at stereo to fine tune skills. Give Shark the silent treatment. Look hot all day. Make diversion for parents."

Then the washing machine broke, and our long suffering goblin prince had to fix it.

Jareth: "If all this soap wrecks my hair, I'm going to blow it up."

Don't blame him. The hair is epic.

Taya headed to the supermarket after school, and bought 20 bell peppers.

Taya: "Pfft, we'll see who's an airhead now. I don't see him coming into town to get this stuff."

Taya *singing* "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine... you make me happy when skies are grey. You'll never know dear how much I love you, so don't take my sunshine...HEY!! IS THAT A KID RUNNING AWAY FROM OUR HOUSE? WHY I OUTTA..."

She did not go chasing after some kid though. She collected the mail, and got all her smelted ores and cut gems back.

Taya set the Woohooium down on the nightstand.

Taya: "That ought to keep 'em busy for a while." ^_^
Taya: "I hope I never find out what they do..." *gags*

A little later on...

Wilhemina: "JARETH! What got into you..."
A couple more smooches.
Jareth: "You looked so sexy in that skirt..."

Wilhemina: "How about we...?"
Jareth: "How are we not doing that already?"

:O Cool! Woohooium glows with hearts, while sims woohoo!

Well, that's one way to keep the parents distracted. XD

Taya: "Hey Grandpa, you know how you're always raving on like a senile old codger over being more eco-friendly? Well, I need you to sort out one of them watering things like in Wilhemina's garden."

Chester: "You are going to start your own garden? That's wonderful! Sure thing, Fuzzy Bottom."
Taya: >:O "Stop calling me Fuzzy Bottom!! I out grew the wolf curse years ago!"

For those of you that don't know, or even remember, when Taya moved in as a toddler she was a werewolf. Chester often spent time with Taya being a doting grandpa. It's the 17th pic down, I think. That lycanism is long gone. The moment she became a child, and a random wish popped up for one of the Snowes to throw an elixir got rid of that via a potent cure.

A new garden was built, just for Hoggle to access at the far corner of the lot. Hoggle immediately set to work planting all those bell peppers. Like he promised, Chester upgraded the sprinkler to auto water. Honestly, Hoggle is going to need it taking care of all these crops without Wilhemina's help. It's bigger than Wilhemina's tiny Moonlight Falls garden. They shared the work load with the one attached to the house.

Chester: "Bell Peppers, huh?"
Hoggle: "Yep."

Early the next morning, that landed on a Saturday, Hoggle rushed to the home of his beloved.

Hoggle: "Corny, I'm doing this so we can be together."
Corny: "We are together. I don't care where we are, or how long we have to stay here. We found each other. Nothing can keep us apart."
Hoggle: "I just want to give us the best life. For our future. For our future children."
Corny: "Our kids will know how much we love them, and how love can break any barrier. As long as we have it, we will be happy."
Hoggle: "But this can make us happier."
Corny: "You have my support whatever you do."

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I forgot all about Taya being a werewolf, lol. Nice little stroll down memory lane there, with See Through Grandpa! I love that she has "look hot all day" on her to-do list. I think the Maker may have made that list for her ;)

Y'all have sprinklers that can water your veggie gardens? I'm so jealous! Gardens are SO MUCH WORK in TS2. I usually only bother if there's a Nature Sim in the household. I think I'm glad I don't have laundry, though, cuz it seems like a huge pain, if one washing machine can't keep up! Still loving the "bubbles" theme of the laundromat, though. And how cute is it that the goblin prince planned a little picnic there!

Even I did! :O It wasn't until I re-read my sliding doors a few weeks ago that I remembered.

It's sorta sprinklers. It's mostly something for sims to play with, but it's a godsend for crops. I actually didn't know about it myself, until I started reading challenges. That was before I started documenting my sims the way I do. I agree TS2 crop growing was terrible. I only used to grow them when I wanted a plantsim founder, and not a spawn baby.

I missed that part about the laundromat date. Yeah! The community lot is cute. Laundry isn't a chore, it's just when there are 8 sims running around, it builds up really quick. The hampers don't even hold that much clothes before they are full to the max.

^_^ Yeah! The date was so adorable. Even I was having a gushing moment over them.

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