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There is a method in my madness.

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Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - 58

Sinead: "To my dear sister,
I don't know how to put this into words, or I'm just driving myself crazy with it? You probably won't even read this, or it will be lost forever in your inbox..."

Sinead: "I thought the feeling would go away if we left Bridgeport, but it didn't. How can you be like me while living in a town full of picket fences, sedans and good school district talk? People look at me like; there she goes, that Snowe woman who doesn't have kids yet."

Sinead: "All that changed a couple years ago, when I met him. His name is Guillaume Vinteuil, a french back up vocalist and bass player. I'll never forget what I first said to him."

Sinead: "France? Like the nectar! My mama used to guzzle that like mouth wash."
Guillaume: "All good nectar comes from France."

Sinead: "Don't judge, okay? I was combing the beach for gems, and saw him moving in. What was I supposed to say?!"

Sinead: "To the world he was Guillaume Vinteuil. To me, he was Gill. A buddy, who would invite me to the theatre to listen to him rehearse with the band."

Sinead: "Naturally people were watching. Talking. Making up shit that we were in love. I've never even platonic kissed him on the cheek. Some romance, huh?"

Sinead: "Gill! Hurry up! This is going to be awesome! You think they would sign my wrench?"
Gill: "Maybe. I will have a word."

Sinead: "To the world he was my lover, but to me he was the guy who listened to me gush for hours about how amazing the music was. How much I longed to make a proper go of playing the drums... everything. He shared my love of music."

Sinead: "The guy that met me at the Bistro for a burger and cookies, at a minute's notice."

Sinead: "Danced with me out on the patio, long after the party had ended. I did not see love or romance in any of those moments. I saw the first best friend I ever had, who wasn't a sister or a niece or nephew."

Sinead: "I've long accepted that the closest I'll ever get to raising kids is these two little monsters. A middle aged super genius in a kid's body, and an adorable little fart bag who could clear a crowded room with one of her nappy bombs. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I miss talking to you. I'm thinking about you, where ever you are. Sinead. XOXO"

Sarah: "You're Sinead, right?"

Sinead: "OMG! Sarah! It's you..."

Sarah: "I wonder where we are..."
Sinead: "Looks like Bridgeport. There is the dump of a school over the road. The food truck will be by soon, or as we called it; Food Poisoning on Wheels."

Sinead: "We have to check if this is real... tell me something I couldn't possibly know, that I can ask Bailey about later to confirm."
Sarah: "I'm Belle Saint. To The Netherworld and Back is about our Mama and my dad. Your turn. Tell me something."
Sinead: "Why? You're probably a dream you..."

Sarah: "Then what have you got to lose? If I'm some dream Sarah, you know what you're going to tell me already."
Sinead: "True... alright. My first memory is of a picnic right over there. Our mamas had a blanket. Tiff got to wear trousers, I had this dress with an apron. I remember wanting to blow up all the horrible ants."

Sinead: "I haven't seen these swings in years. I'd always come back to 'em, when my head was fit to blow."
Sarah: "Is your head fit to blow now?"

Sinead: "It's just... I think of how easy it would be to just be with him like that... but..."
Sinead: "..."
Sinead: "At least there is an upside. Because of this, I've played on this swing set with all my sisters."

Sinead: ^_^
Sarah: ^_^
Sarah: "You know, I always wanted a little sister. When Jareth told me about you and Tiff, I was stoked."
Sinead: "I didn't know what to think. Just me and Tiff. Now I have this massive family I can't even find."

Sarah: "The perfect house life isn't all it's cracked up to be you know. I got the perfect wedding, with the ballgown and the happy ever after--for a while. Now have a husband, who if you took away the sex, there probably wouldn't be much of a marriage left. A kid who does nothing but sulk, and has had a girlfriend for years and has never actually told me. I had to find out through our brother. A job that is slowly killing me."
Sinead: "Yeah, I see when all the sparkle wears off with Tiff and Nigel. It's not pretty."
Sarah: "Nope. Look sis, let's do something fun instead of spending all the time we have together talking about all the stuff that sucks."

Sarah: "Ready?"
Sinead: "Ready!"


Sinead: "You read my email?"
Sarah: "I did."

Sarah: "I guess this is it then."
Sinead: "Yeah, I'm waking up too..."
Sarah: "Look, Sinead... don't worry okay. I risked getting banished to know this. You live a great life, full of happiness, from the choices you made."
Sinead: "You should pursue writing, you're a natural. I couldn't put your book down."
Sarah: :D
Sinead: :D

Sarah: "Good luck with Gill, Sinead..."

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Aww, Sinead, it does suck being the childless one (in some ways, not so much in others!)... Gill sounds like a pretty sweet BFF, but I think your Maker is a romantic and has other plans for you ♥

...and why do I continue to look for the Gator undies icon on the wrong account? Derp! LOL

No romantic plans at all. Sinead is asexual, aromantic, and will remain childless. It's nice seeing her have a friend in Gill. I know this is different than how I usually do things, but I got this idea and had to run with it. ^_^ Really getting to know Sinead, while showing off something shocking. Like... how did Sarah manage to get the email, when they literally stood on the land where their house also is and couldn't find them? How after five years did an email get into the oubliette? But mostly the Sinead thing. She's a very interesting sim, but I think she kinda gets pushed aside a little, with so many other big characters around, and their larger conflicts. Sinead's seems more smaller in comparison. This I think made her story a little bit bigger.

XD I remember when I made that. Hey, do you want a new Gator's undies icon? I could whip something better together, if you want.

I remember you heading that way with her before but something made me wonder if you changed your mind... I guess the "all that changed" part? I'm glad she's happier than she was :) And it's nice to see a story NOT focused on romance, truly.

And I know the answer to those questions... MAGIC :D

Oh another Gator would be cool, I could have one for this account then! If you're so inclined.

For the Snowes, all their sexuality are pretty set in stone. There is only one window where they could go either way, is when they are young. I don't even think about it while they are really young. Usually they figure it out when they are teens. Even Taya could have gone the other way. Had I gotten more time in Oasis Landing, Taya could have dated Judy for a while. :O And, she could have come back to be with either her friend Lolly or Chase instead of Shark. The two exceptions are Hoggle and Sarah of course, because both of those found their respective sweethearts as children. Bailey is also an exception, because she's always been my wild card, and I didn't have that teen time with her to figure it out. A lot of things about her have been unplanned. Like her becoming a main in the Sisters branch, Ginny, Kelly. All of it. But yeah, romance is great, but it would be boring if they were all shrouded in red yard.

Cool! Do you like this pic? (userpic) I still have the original size pic, I think, I could do some cropping and give it some different text.

Poor Sinead. It's rough being forced into a "relationship" when you don't feel that way about it. (Been there, done that).
I feel sorry for Sarah though. She's so..self-aware and KNOWS that her marriage without sex wouldn't be much. It makes me sad, but if she's happy, I'm happy! The white picket fence life isn't all cracked up as it is made to be.

Yes it is, and me too.

It really is sad, that is what has happen for her. I do think if they hadn't have left Moonlight Falls, this could have been different with them. They would have grown old together starters. But, just goes to show happily ever after isn't forever after all. She'll sort it out. ^_^ But, that is a long road for them, of course.

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