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There is a method in my madness.

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Family Portrait
After taking all those individual shots, I've been working on some family shots. Since that is what the Snowes are; a family. A very co-dependant stubborn family, but a family none the less. There needs to be some family portraits of them all.

The first one is a full family shot, that I thought I should retake the old one to include the two family members who didn't make it into the perfect day post. *mutters* Because one of them wasn't born yet... *clears throat*

There is also a household shot of the Sisters household. The Legends one has two versions. I'll let you make your own judgement on which one is best, but I do have a favourite. *coughs* The first version. *coughs* I got all metaphorical with it. Can you guess the metaphor? ^_^

That's not all! ^_^ I do enjoy making collages, so I decided to make some using the pics from the Lights, Camera, Snowes! posts I did.

I did have to take two more, because Hoggle and Corny are in the same pic originally. I would have been left with one blank block if I hadn't have taken two more pics.