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There is a method in my madness.

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Snowe Drifts
Matilda, Chester, Alicia
After my little dabble with artistic designs in the last post with the Snowes on the stairs, I've gotten a bit of a more creative bug. Who better to start that with than the three sims who founded this "quirky" family?

They create two ships between them. (And five gorgeous kids.)
Are you a Chelicia shipper?
Matlicia got your attention?
Or, do you think they should all just get busy in a one true three?
(Yes, Lumy, I'm looking at you. XD)

These three are totally epic. Alicia the alcoholic tattooed party girl, who wasn't satisfied with living one life; she lived three. Mattie the devoted mother, even in death.  Chester the man of very few words. Let's face it, these three are epic.

Alicia: "What could possibly go wrong?"

And, luminations (lumy12 in case you use this journal first. ^_^ ) , you wanted a one true three, well, you got it. These aren't exactly passionate. ('Cause let's face it this is Chester "functional mute" Snowe we're talking about.) Sadly, not all three of them getting romantic together at the same time. Not a lot of polyamory poses out there. I hope you like them.

Note to other PoH readers who might not ship them as a one true three, I won't be offended if you skip over these. ^_^

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Yaaay! OT3! OT3!

I think I like the flame pic best :) Mattie looks kinda... somehow innocent-but-naughty at the same time, lol

She is our rebellious Snowe guardian after all! :D

LOL so I just had to comment with BOTH journals!

I hope others enjoy the OT3 photo shoot too. *borrows some of Alicia's booze to toast the trio*

The more I see Matilda, the more I love her! I'm a Chelicia shipper but I got to say, Matilda has a special place in my heart. The special effects in the pictures were a nice touch!

Mpart: Thanks! :D I had so much fun with those special effects. They might look like they're edited, but they're really not! :O It's the party effects machines.

Lumy: One thing we can count on, Alicia always has booze to celebrate with. XD

I don't know if anyone does like OT3 as much as you, but I took them for you anyways. ^_^ So if they don't like them, they don't have to look at them.

Edited at 2019-02-01 04:49 pm (UTC)

Good philosophy - there's always the scroll button, after all! I like the 'one big happy family' thing and the ot3 fits in with that nicely :)

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