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There is a method in my madness.

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Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - 59

The Snowes got a hot beverage maker. :D I've never used them before, so we'll see what happens here. Wilhemina was the first to get a cup.

Wilhemina: "Oh! Cappuccino!"

Wilhemina: "How was your salad?"
Chester: "Eh."
Chester: "Wilhemina... if you had to choose between what makes you happy and what was right, what would you do?"
Wilhemina: *sips* I chose what made me happy, and lost my own family in the process. Doesn't mean that wasn't right. I think you have to choose which ever you feel most strongest about."
Chester: "Yes. I thought so."

Jareth: "You sure this was real?"
Sarah: "As you and me, bro. One minute I'm on my laptop opening this email. Next thing I know, I'm in a park in Bridgeport talking to Sinead. Then I wake up at my laptop, still looking at that email."
Jareth: "The oubliette is breaking..."
Sarah: "Yep. First Cornflower and Evander, now Sinead can contact me."
Jareth: "We will discuss this with everyone another time, when we have more information. Are you going to grow a pair and go inside, or hide out here at the fountain?"

Sarah: "I don't know if I can do this..."
Jareth: "Of course you can. Get in there already. Remember the fairy dust battles? You saved the life of twenty fairies on very little sleep. You're scared of one tiny little interview?"
Sarah: "Alright, I'm going..."

Jareth waited outside for moral support, while Sarah went into the offices building to get a job in journalism. Yeah, she is giving up her doctor career for good.

Sarah: "You will never believe who my new boss is. Evander!"
Jareth: "Cornflower's father?"
Sarah: "Yeah!"

Sarah: "We should celebrate."
Jareth: "I know a good way..."

Taya: "When the battle comes, we stand side by side.
We fight this battle together.
This dream I have...
I know I can live it with you stood beside me...."

All: "We are strong, we are true, we are Snowes."

The whole family gathered in the gardens for a sing-song. :D Oh, and it should be noted that any text in bold and italics is singing.

Jareth: "On this journey, I've been thinking; Who needs great riches, when I have you all stood beside me?"

Sarah: "Fighting hardships and all that is our destiny."

Wilhemina: "A house, a cave, to the end of time... where ever we go we are home."

Alicia: "Taking time to create a life worth living."

Hoggle: "We find love that lasts a life time..."

On another date at Red Rendezvous, Corny and Hoggle shared a kiss. They didn't care who was around. ^_^ I'm so shipping these two. They are just perfect for each other.

Gator: "Standing too close to see the picture taking shape."

Hoggle and Corny went to the salon. Hoggle looks a little scruffy in his formals. A little gentle prodding from Corny convinced him to get a new look to go with his new hairstyle.

Oh! :O Shark is there. He has not been a good boyfriend to Taya. He really doesn't call her or anything.

Hoggle: "Mm. Not bad at all."

*picks jaw up off the floor* Damn, Hoggle grew up gorgeous. It's them Snowe genes. I'm so glad the dominant genes were Sarah's. :O

Corny: "You look so sexy! I really fancy you in that suit."
Hoggle: "Just in this suit?"
Corny: "Of course I love you suit or not." ^_^

They took their date back to the Snowe house to play video games.

Hoggle: "I could beat you with my eyes closed."
Corny: "As if! I could beat you with earplugs and a blindfold."

Sarah: "So..."
Gator: "So..."
Sarah: "Alligator I think we should talk."
Gator: "Yeah, I'm miserable too."

Sarah: "I feel like all we have is the physical stuff. I'm not complaining, that is good. But... I want that intimate without having to get intimate. I want to talk. To go on dates. To be how we used to be, when we were falling in love. Everything back then was just so easy. All you seem to care about is my body and how I look. I talk and I worry, but it's like you don't even hear that. Rushed conversations, just to get to the kissing and the woohoo."

Gator: "I feel as if nothing I do is good enough. No matter what I do, it's not good enough. I'm just some tool for you to get your perfect happy ever after. Everything is all "Gator, why don't you just go sit in front of the TV while us grown ups do all the planning." You still don't see me for me. You just see me as some broken image of the princes from one of those books. I'm not going to change who I am. Take me for me, not for some stand in for a character in a fairy tale."

Sarah and Gator talked for some time, got everything out. Then came to one clear realisation.

Sarah: "I think we know where we go from here."
Gator: "Yeah. We should wait a while before telling everyone."

Taya joined them at the games console. It's nice seeing all three of them together. ^_^

Taya: "How the hell did I end up teamed up with the shitty AI?!"
Hoggle: "'Cause we're pretty much married."
Corny: "Pretty much married couples team up together."
Taya: "But you're not married."
Hoggle: "And you're not eighteen."
Taya: "Oi! I was weeks away from turning eighteen before all this oubliette crapfest happened. Days before my birthday, Emit booted me out the future so I could age in sync with you. You two have never had a wedding, or even gotten permission to marry."

Alicia: "We are strong, we are true, we are Snowes."
Chester: "No turning back now."
Alicia: "It is about time we stopped being selfish, and did what was right by our children."

Chester: "We want to make a deal."
Alicia: "Let them take the ultimate test."

I adore this girl so much. She started dancing at the stereo, after Cornflower left.

Taya: "We need something catchier for our family song... hmm..."
Taya: "Just one more step,
One more risk to find the real me.
Just being born a Snowe,
I got a date with destiny...."

When Alicia returned, she joined Taya.

Taya: "Grandma, you're doing it wrong... it's like this..."
Alicia: "I've been dancing long before even your parents were born, young lady."
Taya: XD "Your moves are as ancient as you."

After the kids had left for school, and most of the adults to work, Jareth decided to upgrade the stereo to improve the speakers.

Jareth: "This should make Sweet Pea happy."

He didn't have any thing better to do, since being at the top of the rock star branch means no carpool. Concerts whenever he feels like it, which never seem to happen. I think the Goblin Prince is bored. In fact, he spent most of the day working on it.

After her first day of work as a journalist, Sarah came home content in her work again. She would have preferred a cuter uniform, but she was still proud. ^_^

Sarah: "Deliver papers, work hard, casually slip some of my work where Evander will see it... be a journalist."

Alicia: "When will you be finished with that stereo? I want to turn it on to dance."
Jareth: "Back off, Mama. I'll be done when I'm done."
Alicia: "Since when do you talk to me like that? What happened to you, my goblin prince?"

After changing out of that uniform into something a little more cuter, Sarah started working on her writing skills. She wanted to make sure she was the best she could be for her new career.

Sarah: "Literally excretion, huh? Pfft. When this oubliette shit is over, I'll ram my next book down your throat Nigel. Literally! I'll make you eat every damn page. You talk shit, well, now you can eat it."

Wilhemina hasn't been to town in a while, her cache of veggies and fruits has really stocked up. That includes the ones that Hoggle and Jareth have also harvested from her garden. She made about 9000 simoleons, give or take off them. :D Good haul.


Yeah, the calls for dates have started. *sigh* Worst. Feature. Ever.

Gator actually looks good in his work clothes. Being a teacher suits him.

Sarah: "Ahh... that is good coffee."
Wilhemina: "Oh yeah. Twinbrook has such robust coffee."
Sarah: *sips*
Wilhemina: "Are you alright, Sarah?"
Sarah: "I'm fine. Just life, you know?"
Wilhemina: "Yeah. It's Gator, isn't it?"
Sarah: "Should you even be drinking coffee?"

Oh hell no! It took me this long to get some clothes on Gator, and get his lazy butt off the couch. Jareth is not taking his place. He needs to get a carpool. Even if I have to have him quit his career and join it again, he's getting his butt back into them ripped jeans and going to work again.

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Yay family band :) Aww, Gator & Sarah :( (Gator DOES look spiffy in his clothes, but... I think you should let him paint in his underwear once in a while, yeah? :D) Don't worry, Jareth looks too hot in his everyday clothes to want to stay in his undies all the time. ....right? Right!

You've never used hot drink machines in your game? I love them! EXCEPT. If you make coffee and you have guests over they will drink the shit nonstop littering the whole house with coffee mugs and then STILL bitch about how you invited them to spend the night but they got no sleep, even though you did no such thing. Heh, remember that glitch? I'm pretty sure there's a fix for it but I don't like messing with mods and that's truly no biggie.

I used this account so I could use a coffee icon :) Ha!

Yeah, lots of family drama going on. :( Especially for Sarah and Gator. Jareth does look hot in is casual clothes, and he can damn well wear them! :fisty: We've got one couch slob in this family, and that is more than enough.

Oh yeah, that was a serious pain in the ass. That's probably what put me off coffee makers to begin with. Didn't want a repeat of that. This one hasn't been so bad though. I've not seen any cups around, so they must disappear or Wilhemina has been good at cleaning them up. Her neat trait is such a blessing. The only issue I've seen so far, is when their energy bar is fully depleted and they are exhausted, they drink a cup of coffee. Then a buzzed moodlet pops up and I have to wait three game hours for them to go to sleep.

Couch potatoes are much easier to keep happy than the more active Sims, though!

Oh I like the sound of that buzzed moodlet thing. I mean, I'm sure it's annoying to deal with, but it's more realistic than Sims drinking coffee and then going straight to bed (and falling asleep instantly -- don't you envy them that? lol), which they'll do if I don't pay attention. Does TS3 have hot chocolate? That's great for warming up the kiddies after they play in the snow.

Not in this game they're not. Traits are much different to the way personalities are made in your game.

I don't really know. There is like 5 really long names for beverages. I just let them drink what they want to drink. If there is hot chocolate, that probably comes with Seasons which I have but don't have installed.

I really loved this chapter. I'm glad Gator and Sarah had a heart-to-heart. It feels like they were a good fit for each other before but not now. Love fades and I think that makes it realistic! They've both grown a ton and that's what matters.
Alicia and Chester are plotting.... :O
Corny and Hoggle are so adorable! I love them.

Yeah! Exactly. No matter how strong the fairy tale, reality takes over in the end. They were so young and naive when they married. The part that matters is that they've matured enough to realise something is wrong, and face up to it. Rather than just sweep it aside and ignore.

:O Some serious plotting going on!

I do too! :D I adore them so much.

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