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There is a method in my madness.

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Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - 60
Matilda, Chester, Alicia

Alicia and Chester begun a gaming session with Jareth and Wilhemina. You can see it in one of the 60 updates celebration posts to see how that went, in Game On! (*squeals* OMG! 60 updates?! Where has the time gone?)

Jareth: "For once your reckless driving is useful."
Alicia: "You, me, right now, get in your car, I'll ride my bike. Five times around the bayou. First one to get pulled over loses."
Chester: "How about you focus on the game, Alicia?"
Alicia: "Screw that. When can I expect some grandkids from you two?"
Wilhemina and Jareth: *exchange awkward glances*

The following day, Chester headed out early to search for rocks. He found loads of meteors, but all of them were small. I had hoped he would find a large meteor, but no such luck.

Meanwhile, Alicia participated in her favourite past time. (Other than getting shitfaced on booze.)

Alicia: "Your music is like a melody from the gods."
Jareth: "You think, Mama?"
Alicia: "I do! That theatre should feel blessed every single day that you work there. Whether you choose to stay a rock star or work on movie soundtracks."

Gushing over her clear favourite child, and boosting his ego.

After all the rock hunting, Chester came back to finish his sculpture. He did finish it, but the end result is a secret! Shh...

Some drinky grandma/grandson bonding on the chess balcony. ^_^

Hoggle: "I know you are up to something."
Alicia: "Don't talk nonsense."
Hoggle: "Fine. Lie. I see what's going on."
Alicia: "What makes you think something is going on?"
Hoggle: "We are Snowes. Something is always going on. And well..."

Taya met her match, when Chester danced with her.

Taya: "Woah! Grandpa, since when could you dance so good?"
Chester: "You get your talent from me, Fuzzy Bottom."
Taya: "Stop calling me Fuzzy Bottom!" >:O

True story, considering any excuse they get Alicia and Chester can dance anyone off the dance floor. Quite funny actually, since Alicia can drink anyone under the table and Chester can wipe anyone off the dance floor.

More dancing. ^_^ I think Taya was happy for someone matching her for a change. She does love dancing.

But Hoggle wasn't the only grandchild that Alicia wanted to impart wisdom on...

Alicia: "Make sure to let the flames burn for exactly the right time. Not more, not less. Master this drink, and you can get people wrecked off two of them."

Taya: "Seriously? Grandma, you're letting me drink?" *raises eyebrow*
Alicia: "Of course! How could you serve good drinks if you're not prepared to get wasted off them yourself?"
Taya: "Dad would ground me for all eternity."
Alicia: "We'll lie you are ill. You are my last chance to continue the art of the perfect drink. Now down it."

Taya: "Okay..."

Alicia supplied her with booze for a while. Funny thing is, Taya slept in. She missed the school bus, and slept in until 11am. She dropped down from an A grade to a B. I'm convinced she had a hangover. Probably coincidence, but I found it hilarious.

While Alicia was plying her underaged granddaughter with booze, Chester took Hoggle up to the fishing hole not far from their home for some moonlight fishing.

Chester: "This is a good place for alley catfish. Those are important, if you plan to seek out death fish."
Hoggle: "Dad caught a bunch of them back in Moonlight Falls. He spent weeks in the cemetery without bait."
Chester: "Well, your father is a moron. You want to fish up as many alley catfish as you can, turn them around as bait. Get a good supply of angelfish. Then even if you catch plenty of vampire fish, your odds of getting death fish are higher. You can always turn around the vampire fish for a profit. The cash makes it worth your while."

They fished for a while and talked. Both of them got a good supply of fish.

Hoggle: "This is much better than the waters in Oasis Landing."
Chester: "Fancy. Future fish. How are they?"
Hoggle: "Inedible."

Chester got the catch of the day! I don't recognise the colours, so I'm not sure what kind of fish it is. But... that is one big fish.

Sarah and Gator booked in for an unpaid day off work, so they could join in on a game of Gnubb. This is another one you will have to check out Game On! to see how it ended. ^_^

Gator: "Booo!! Chester DO DROP IT! I mean DON'T drop it."
Sarah: "Ignore him Papa. You can drop it without his help." XD
Chester: "Shut it. Or your mother and I will borrow your balcony tonight."
Sarah: "..."

After that game, they headed back to their room for a little cuddle time.

Chester: "I'm going to miss this... the warmth of your skin...."
Alicia: "The feel of your hands on my body..."

Yeah, they did.

A little later on...

Alicia: "Cornflower, this may seem strange since we have never formally met..."
Corny: "Hoggle has told me all about you."
Alicia: "That makes things easier. Cornflower, I need your help. You see, the ultimate test is about to begin. I need you to make sure they stay focused. I can't tell you everything, to avoid tainting the odds. Just do what you can to make them see the good."

Corny: "I think I can handle that."
Alicia: "You may have to leave your father..."
Corny: "That's okay. He's not really my father. He's an oubliette created substitution, I think. He doesn't act how my daddy should."

After securing Corny as an ally, Alicia went for a moonlit drive around Twinbrook on the hog.

Alicia: "I'm going to miss you so much."
Alicia: *revs engine*

Then sat down to watch some TV with her goblin prince.

Alicia: "I am so proud of you, you know that?"
Jareth: "I know, Mama."
Alicia: "No Jareth, I mean it. Whatever bar you have set to define a greatest accomplishment in life, you smashed that many times. I will always be proud."
Jareth: "I just... losing you before..."
Alicia: "I know. You will never lose me. I will watch over you. When I ever return to the netherworld, I will bore all the other souls to a second death on how wonderful my son is, along with all my daughters."

Sarah: *mutters* "She wouldn't be proud of me, if she found out..."

Sarah played darts. They really do like that dart board. ^^

Chester: "Princess, mind if I join you?"
Sarah: "Sure, Papa."

Sarah: "Papa... was marriage easy for you?"
Chester: "No. Marriage is hard work. But, if it doesn't work then it is best to cut your losses and call it a day. Why, Princess, marriage troubles?"
Sarah: "..."
Sarah: "No. I was just thinking. Possibly a new book or something."

They were a good few days. Many memories were created. Many moments cherished. But, all good things had to come to an end.

Alicia: "I think it's time."
Chester: "Yes."

Alicia: "This is the ultimate test. We went to Grim, and requested this. He agreed, you will be tested. If you fail, you will all live in this oubliette until the end of time. Never ageing... just wasting away until your life fades away..."
Jareth: "You are both leaving us."
Chester: "Yes. We have to."
Sarah: "Where are you going?"
Alicia: "Not where. When. Resurrection won't do anything. You will never know when we die or if we already have."

Many words of goodbye were spoken. A few words of argued grief, as to be expected. Alicia and Chester made them all promise to go inside when their human forms started to fade.

The Snowes being stubborn as they are, they were determined to stay with Chester and Alicia for as long as they could. Even as they clung to each other.

Chester: "You are my one and only love."
Alicia: "You are the first and only man that I ever truly loved."

Chelicia had one hell of a ride. Married three times. Two beautiful kids together. Eh, Bailey is pretty too, so three beautiful kids; Jareth, Sarah and Bailey. Three very different grandkids in Taya, Hoggle and Kelly.

Long successful careers in both their lives. Not even death could keep them apart. Chester being see-through grandpa is unforgettable.

Their journey for happiness is complete. In a way, they always had it.

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Awww. *wipes tear* Can't they just all stay together foreeevvvveeerrrrr?

...and I think Taya had a hangover too :)

They won't be gone forever. Look at Mattie. ^_^ She's been dead this whole story, and she pops up from time to time. This is more a bittersweet parting. Alicia and Chester are gone, but great things will come from their departure.

XD Definitely! Serves her right. If she didn't want to get drunk, she shouldn't have tasted Drinky Grandma's drinks.

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