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There is a method in my madness.

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PoH: Game On!
Matilda, Chester, Alicia

In our 60th update, Alicia, Chester, Jareth and Wilhemina challenged each other to a game on the console. I sat them down, and just left them to it. No interference from me at all. This is how it went.

As expected, Jareth lost first. XD He is such a loser at these games. Love him anyway.

He went off to play his guitar. I think it was Taya that picked up that laundry on the floor.

After work, Gator sat down to watch them for a bit. He does look dapper in his work suit. :O A tie really suits him.

For a while it was just the three of them. No signs of a winner in sight.

Sarah joined them. For some reason she sat on the floor instead of the available chair. I can't wait until she doesn't have to wear that uniform any more. It doesn't suit her. It hides her pretty face, hot bod and all her lovely auburn hair.

Then she lost.

This battle raged into the night, then Chester lost. It was down to the girls.

Gator distracted Wilhemina. Alicia claimed the victory! ^_^

How did she celebrate? Well...


But, that wasn't the only competition they had going!

A battle of skill and wooden bunnies.... Gnubb! Chelicia vs Sarah and Gator.

Gator was surprisingly good and took a lead knocking down most of Chelicia's pegs, then Alicia stepped up to the plate.

She really evened the odds. ^_^

It was Sarah "Rosebud" Snowe AKA The Snowe Princess, who walked away with the win. :D

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Gator really shines up nicely!

Hehe, cute idea to do a little post with more detail on the games :) GIRL POWER!

Yeah! The Snowe women are awesome. ^_^

This won't be the only extra little post. More PoH bonus content to come. :D

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