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There is a method in my madness.

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PoH: The Dream
This is a deleted update for the Resurrection arc, and would have taken place at Update 20. Made because the end of that arc had for a while a very different ending, where they would not resurrect Alicia and Chester and move on with their lives. Jareth needed to make a very personal decision, and he got there through an unlikely source. In the end, I decided against it and had the whole Snowes on the beach party update instead.

Jareth: "How am I going to do this, Mama?"

Weary from all the plotting and scheming, Jareth sat down for a few moments.

He looked up at the wall, where the framed pictures. Maybe Chester and Alicia would have liked them. Their children happy and in love.

Jareth: *mumbles* "That was a good afternoon..."

Jareth: "Zzzzzzzzz."
???: "Papa?"

Jareth woke up to see an unexpected guest in the strange room that surrounded him. The room was nice. Reminded of the room he slept in during that Bridgeport holiday.

Jareth: "Where did you come from?"
???: "Mummy's belly."
Jareth: "Where am I?"
???: "Bridgeport."

Jareth: "Are you real?"
???: XD "Yes I'm real!"

Jareth: "Alright kid, let's explore."
Aine: "My name is Aine, don't you remember?"

Jareth: "I think I remember this room. There was a crib in the corner with a doll..."
Aine: "This is the nursery. I like it here. My crib is that one with the blanket. Alistair sleeps in that other one. Isadole is always complaining we keep her awake."

Jareth: "This room is stark..."
Aine: "I'm not allowed in here. Buxe will be mad."

Aine: "You do want me, don't you Daddy?"
Jareth: "Of course I do."

Jareth: "This is the life I could have had, had I not made her wait..."

Jareth: "A girl that is smart and determined... she must be Isadole."

Jareth: "A son born to be a rock stair... Alistair..."

Jareth: "A girl wise beyond her years... Aine."

Then Jareth saw him. A boy he thought he knew.

Jareth: "I have no idea what is going on here... what are you doing here?"

Jareth: "What have I done?"

Jareth: "Wilhemina?"
Wilhemina: "Dinner will be ready soon. Go check on the kids, will you?"

Jareth stood there, looking around at the children. So different but so familiar. He saw himself in each one. More than the fact they were his own flesh and blood.

Jareth collected the orb of answers from the table and carried it back to his room. He stared into it hoping to find some meaning to all of this. None came.

Aine: "Daddy? Could we talk for a minute?"

Jareth scooped up the little girl into his arms.

Jareth: "Okay, Kiddo, how about you tell me what is going on."

Buxe: "When can we eat?"
Wilhemina: "We are waiting for your father."
Buxe: "That jerk." *rolls eyes*

Aine: "That holiday in Bridgeport changed your life. You and Mummy decided to stay here. You bought this apartment from our aunties. Auntie Sarah, Uncle Gator and Cousin Hoggle went back to Moonlight Falls. You felt that it wasn't right that everyone depended on you all the time, so you decided to stay here. Taya was thrilled. She could have the dreams you promised her for all her life."
Jareth: "That's it? I just gave up on Mama and Papa that easy?"
Aine: "Gave up or accepted the life you could have?"

Jareth: "Wilhemina, are you happy? Is this the life you want?"

Wilhemina: "Of course I am. Any life we create together, I will always have the life I want."

Jareth set the orb of answers on the bedside table, fluffed up the pillows. He didn't know what to think. He knew deep down, he never stayed in Bridgeport. He returned to Moonlight Falls... the six of them together.

Jareth: "So, this is it, huh? The life I could have..."

Bailey: "Jareth?"

Bailey: "You alright, Jareth?"
Jareth: "Yeah... I had the craziest dream..."

He found Wilhemina in the kitchen. Jareth couldn't wait any more. He had to tell her the one thing she longed to hear.

Jareth: "Let's do it. Start trying for a baby. I want a family with you."
Wilhemina: "Oh, Jareth..."

The couple embraced, thinking of the life they would hopefully soon create.

Jareth looked out into the grounds of their small and humble home.

Jareth: "Kids, huh? Show me personifications of myself to convince me to move on... very clever, Mama."

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Awww what adorable kids! Especially little Aine! Poor Jareth, that must've really shook him. But at least it made him come to that decision :)

They are! :D

Yeah, it's great that he came to that, but kinda sad that it never canon happened. In PoH as is, he never had this dream, and never thought about more kids so soon.

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