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There is a method in my madness.

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Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - 61

Wilhemina: "Have they gone?"
Jareth: "Yeah..."
Sarah: "Not even a tombstone. No grave to build..."

Taya: "I can't believe they are gone... again."
Wilhemina: "Come sit down, you both have been looking out the window for hours."
Gator: "I'll push the desk back later."

Sarah: "Jareth, you do have a plan right?"
Jareth: "One... but it needs someone else. The joined skills of someone old and young. Combining the past and the future."
Sarah: "That will be easy, since we're just dripping with elderly relatives..." *rolls eyes*
Jareth: "I won't be the young. Had I not dabbled with elixirs, I would be nearly an old man by now. We need the help of someone who will contribute to our future. Someone adept at building inventions."
Hoggle: "Corny. She can build. She will be my wife one day, and the mother of my children."
Jareth: "Hoggle, you go speak to Corny, then continue with whatever you and Taya are up to. Sarah, I need you to attempt to contact Sinead. She is the inventor of the machine we need. Wilhemina, you rest as much as you can. I don't want you over exerting yourself."
Gator: "What about me?"
Jareth: "Keep out of my way. Make yourself useful and help your sister, before I kill you for what you did to mine."
Gator: *gulp* "Okay..."
Everyone else: "Got it!"

Moving on was hard. They were all devastated but there came a time when life started to resemble normality.

Taya and Sarah watched TV together in their PJs.

Sarah: "I wonder how long this show has been on..."
Taya: "I have no idea. The days just blur together."

Jareth and Wilhemina being all romantic and cute. I really need to think of a good pairing name for them. Their names really don't mesh well together. Best I could come up with is Jaremina, which is a bit of a mouthful.

Wilhemina: "I want to help."
Jareth: "You are helping... just rest, and keep Gator out of my way."
Wilhemina: "He is a good person you know. Much better than Waylon."

Jareth took Wilhemina out to the diner to get something to eat. She was going a little stir-crazy. They sat down at the table for a little while to talk afterwards. She looks so happy. ^_^

Wilhemina: "I always liked this place."
Jareth: "Me too."

Then they drove home together in Jareth's prized blue car.

Wilhemina: "How are you holding up?"
Jareth: "Fine. This isn't the end. They're not really gone..."

Sarah went back to an old past time; cooking. She made dim sum for dinner. ^_^

Taya took her job of keeping her drinky grandma's legacy alive very seriously.

Taya: "And I shake the drink like this... 1... 2... 3.... perfect!"

I seriously hope she doesn't end up an alcoholic. :O One in the family is more than enough.

Taya: "Auntie Sarah, could you come to city hall with me?"
Sarah: "What for?"
Taya: "I'm bored of the spa. I want to make a go of sculpting as a career."
Sarah: "Sure. Let me get changed."

They headed to City Hall in the pick up truck. Taya rushed inside, happy she could finally do a job she enjoyed, instead of wasting evenings at the spa.

Sarah: *thinks* "I think I bought a book with me..."

Taya: "I did it! I'm a sculptor now! All official and everything."

She got straight to work. That topiary ended up being a giraffe that at the last second she accidentally decapitated. Then a few stone sculptures after that, that all ended up shattering and leaving gem ores instead. The empty space beside her is because Chester's sculpting station has been moved.

Wilhemina: "I know you have your own garden, but since I'm on strict orders not to overwork myself, you might as well use my garden."
Hoggle: "Really? That would be great. It's exhausting tending to your garden and mine."
Wilhemina: ^_^ "Wonderful. I'll clear it out for when you get home from school."

By "I" she really meant Gator would do it. He did the clearing out in his underpants.

He actually managed to do a good job. Took him all day too.

That night after work, Hoggle set to work planting all those bell peppers he had harvested.

Taya set up a proper little work shop in the basement hallway. The table, lamp and painting on the wall is all from their Moonlight Falls furniture that didn't fit into the house.

Wilhemina got plenty of time to relax, and play the games console. ^_^

Hoggle: "Uncle Jareth says there is a way to bring them back, but he needs your help. You both have to build something by Aunt Sinead."
Corny: "Hoggle..."

Corny: "You think I would pass at a chance to build something from the experimental blueprints by Sinead Snowe? She is my hero. She is one of the great inventing minds this world has ever seen. While others were fiddling around improving whatchamacallits, and doodads, Sinead was brave enough to take the greatest risks and build the impossible. Wow!"
Hoggle: "I didn't know you knew so much about my aunt..."
Corny: "I am so in!"

There was quite a build up of vegetables and fruits from the garden, Jareth sold them to the supermarket to save Wilhemina the trip.

Then he went to the theatre to get rehired in his career. I made him quit earlier that day. I did say he was going to get a carpool and stay off the couch! >:O

This time around, he will follow the symphony branch, since that has a permanent carpool at all levels. He's still a rock star to me, and always will be. Just not one who sits on the couch in his underpants.

Then went home to play video games.

Jareth: "Aren't you going to play?"
Sarah: "Bro, I'll save you the embarrassment, and just say I win."

Jareth: "You will play with me, won't you Sweet Pea?"
Taya: "Sure Dad, when you actually beat the crappy AI first."

XD Poor Jareth. He really does suck at video games.

Taya is at it again, using Woohooium to solve the adult's problems.

Taya: "These two are going to need a whole stack to sort their problems out."

While doing his homework, Hoggle had an epiphany about his own time in Twinbrook;

Hoggle: "I'm going to finish what the old man started."

Sarah: "Okay, let's give this a try... Sinead managed to contact me... maybe I can do it the same way."

Sarah: "Dear Sinead,
I've been thinking about relationships a lot lately. Funny, huh? How I don't give it a second thought when I was in one, and now Gator and I have separated, all I can think about is what I lost. Not that anyone around here would understand. Jareth has this perfect marriage. Mama and Papa had a love so strong that not even the Grim Reaper could take it from them. They aren't even around to talk to any more...
I just wish you were here to talk to.
Sarah: "..."
Sarah: "..."
Sarah: "Nothing?! Really?"

This I randomly stumbled on. XD Had to keep it.

Gator: "Now you guys are just taking the piss."
Hoggle: "Should have thought about that, before you hurt Mum."
Gator: "Can I at least take my clothes off?"
Jareth: "No!"

Later that day, Hoggle headed up to the pond where Chester had taken him on that truly memorable day.

Hoggle: "So, alley catfish, huh? Alright."

The pull of the underpants was too strong for Gator, that he had to give in to the temptation. Yep, those bar stools are the same ones from their Moonlight Falls house. ^_^ I've had them saved in the family inventory, hoping for a chance to use them.

Taya: "No, Uncle Gator, I'm not going easy on you."
Gator: "How is it my fault? She agreed to split too."
Taya: "Okay, I'm going to be real blunt with this..."

Taya: "You took Auntie Sarah for granted. Not just here. Not just Oasis Landing. Back in Moonlight Falls too. The moment you got that ring on her finger, you stopped giving a flying crap about all the important stuff. She put in the effort, while you just pawed at her body ignoring her brilliant mind. Now drink your drink, and get away from my bar."
Gator: "TAYA!" >:O
Taya: "Shut up and go."

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They both did agree to a split and to be fair, everyone shits on Gator. Everyone. I shit on Gator too. He's not 100% in the wrong here.
Woohoo really, really isn't the way to fix this! Good try though Taya.

LET THEM DIE IN PEACE. STOP. TRYING. TO. BRING. THEM. BACK. You're literally stuck in a cage that doesn't let you or anyone else age! They wanted you to be happy and to live!

Alright, alright I'm done. It was a great chapter. Just had to get that out of my system. XD

Everything is always Gator's fault! When life goes wrong? Blame Gator! Yeah, they are being unfair to him, since they were both on the same page with how they didn't want to be together. It's 50-50, but I guess it's easy to blame Gator than to blame Sarah too. Or to just keep their noses out of it. The Snowes are all up in each other's business.
At least she tried. She clearly doesn't get how those kind of relationships work, but I guess it's better than shunning them both.

I KNOW! Jareth never learns! Maybe this time he will. Alicia did recruit Corny as an ally before she left, so you never know, she might make him see that.

Poor Gator! *cuddles him and his undies* *... er, that sounded kinda dirty, huh!*

And lol, a decapitated giraffe? (I know I just used the giraffe icon on the other post but I must use it again!)

I'm not going to say a word. XD

You know, I think it's kinda fitting. Like, in a TLoU way. Don't they use giraffes as a symbol of innocence? Even that part in your icon, when Ellie watches the giraffes. Even though she has seen some pretty fucked up shit that no kid should ever see or do, she's still kinda innocent to the bigger picture. In Taya's journey, sure she was innocent and naive, but as she is facing more of their hardships she's not so innocent minded any more. Or something like that. Still a funny coincidence though. Pity I never got a pic of it. Maybe next time though. Topiary sculptures are very limited set. A giraffe is going to come up again.

Yes, I think it's fitting for Taya ♥ I think the giraffes were also about hope and rebirth and renewal... that spring type stuff :) I hope she makes another one!

I never knew that! :O I just thought they meant innocence. Then giraffes are quite fitting for Taya too. I should look for that giraffe CC I had. I did have one for sure in Door 2 of my Sliding Doors. Tiff and Sinead owned one, and left it in the hallway on a end table.

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