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There is a method in my madness.

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Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - 62

Hoggle: "I can't believe we are really together."
Corny: "I know... finally living under the same roof in your room."
Hoggle: "Our room."

Corny moved in, and got settled right away. Hoggle even did a little rearranging of his room so they could push their beds together. And yep! :D She got a makeover too. Something that doesn't totally drown her in blue and rainbows.

Hoggle: "Remember all those letters we used to write to each other?"
Corny: "Yeah. I don't miss that. I mean, yeah, I lived for it at the time. But I would rather us be together like this than be writing to each other."
Hoggle: "I know what you mean. Nice outfit by the way."
Corny: "Thanks." ^_^

Not everyone was amused with Corny moving in...

Jareth: "TAKE IT UP WITH YOUR AUNT! She gave Hoggle permission to ask Cornflower to move in."

Sarah: "Look, Taya, I know it sucks for you, but I really don't know what to say to you."

By morning, her rage on the matter hadn't subsided.

Taya: "Shut up Gator. I'm not in the mood."
Gator: "Taya, hear me out. I'm on your side. It isn't fair how you are treated in this matter. Don't let it drop. Let them hear about it, until you are both treated equally."
Taya: :O "You're right. Thanks Uncle Gator."

Corny: "Do you have a problem with me, Taya?"
Taya: "Not you personally. Just this whole situation."
Hoggle: "Jealousy doesn't suit you."
Taya: "Shut up, or I tell the whole school some really embarrassing shit about you."

Taya made a new friend at school, when Jade Greenwood invited Taya to her home afterwards. ^_^

Taya: "Thanks Jade, I really appreciate this. I did not want to go home yet."
Jade: "Sure. No probs. It's good to talk without the little drones buzzing around us all day."
Taya: "You are so popular."
Jade: "You too! You've almost got as many friends as me. Lucky, you get to be friends with that boy, Neville, who lives with you. And his little girlfriend, I guess."
Taya: "She is not my friend."

They talked some more, and started to become friends.

Jade: "You know, Taya, you are alright. I did have my reservations about you, because you're dating that Racket boy, and are friends with Chase Bayless. If you want it, you can join my clique, the Queen Bees."
Taya: "Really?! That's awesome. Sure. I'll hang with you. Just as a friend favour to me, be nice to Chase. She's so cool."

Hoggle: "Aren't you going to play with me, Corny?"
Corny: "Sorry Hoggle Bug, I have to study. Your Uncle is going to tutor me on wednesday when he has a day off work. I have to really buckle down, so I have lots of smart and interesting things to say."

When she got home, Taya danced away her anger at her family.

Taya: "La di da... he is a stupid jerk... la da da... I'm going to live alone... la di da... I'll never see him again..."

Wilhemina came over to dance with her.

Wilhemina: "Go easy on your father."
Taya: "Why? I'm not even allowed to talk to a boy, but it's all fine for Hoggle to move his girlfriend in. And share a bedroom with her. And sleep on beds pushed together."
Wilhemina: "I'm not saying you should just accept it. That is pretty unacceptable, especially the part he played in splitting you and Tim up. Don't give up, but just don't be so harsh against your father. This wasn't his decision. Had your grandparents not chosen to leave, Cornflower never would have moved in."
Taya: "..."

She might not be happy about it, but she did find some perks. Like playing video games before school.

Corny: "I'll team up with the AI. You two form team one."
Taya: "Alright, Hogwart, you drive I shoot."
Hoggle: "Sure, Fuzzy Bottom. Yeah, Grandpa told me about that one."

Gator: "Mina, mind if I play with you?"
Wilhemina: "Sure, little croc. I have two more darts to throw. Then we can start a new game."
Wilhemina: "Do you want to talk?"
Gator: "Nah. It's just, me and Sarah both agreed to separate so peacefully. It's just everyone else making a huge thing about it."
Wilhemina: "I'll talk to Jareth. The kids will come around eventually."

Taya decided to try again with making a topiary sculpture for her career. She's already made over 20,000 simoleons.

Corny: "Homework is so difficult."
Taya: "Pfft. When you've been a teen forever like me, all that homework is just easy recycling in the making."
Corny: "Look, Taya, I know why you're so mad about me living here. I get it, I do. Just say the word, and I'll move out as soon as I get good enough to build this machine your dad wants."
Taya: "I don't want that. I just want to be treated equally."

Taya: "These are the hands of a sculpting goddess!"

She actually manged to not decapitate this penguin. It sold for just over 700 simoleons. All profit, because she has made enough sculptures at this point to sculpt for free. If I wasn't so set on her being an actress if/when she grows up, I would consider letting sculpting be a permanent career. But it will do for her teen career though. :D

She is pretty much the bread winner of the family, because one of her stone sculptures can go for over 5000 simoleons. None of the adults make that in a week.

Jareth: "I set up this work bench for you. Before I can begin to train you, I need to know what you are capable of. Could you make something for me, so I can see your work?"
Corny: "I can do that, Mr Snowe. What would you like me to make?"
Jareth: "You can call me Jareth. You decide what you want to show me."

Corny took her task very seriously. She even had to use a moodlet manager, so she could forgo sleep and pull an all nighter to work on it.

Her first try did not go well at all. She is very lucky I thought to put a bathroom down in the basement for Hoggle, Wilhemina, Jareth's use when I built it, and the fact that said bathroom has a shower and a bathtub. She did get to the shower in time to put out her butt fire.

At last her hard work paid off! She made this toy cow and was ready to show it to Jareth.

I lost Jareth. Couldn't find him anywhere. Everyone else was asleep. The tab above the house in world view showed he was home. The camera kept panning to the roof. I feared the worst.... then dropped the walls and found him on the chess balcony playing a game of chess all by himself. D'oh! I had to have him come back inside, so Corny could talk to him.

Corny: "I finally made it."
Jareth: "Let me see it, to test out it's functions and durability."

So, he sat down to play with the toy cow--I mean, test out the functions and durability of the toy cow. XD

Corny: "Wow... this guy is a genius... he looks like he's playing with it, but I just know he is testing my handiwork to suit the heavy duty play a child might do."

Toy Cow: "Mmmooooo!"
Jareth: :O "You say you are my new best friend?"

XD Oh, Jareth. I love you and your childish trait.

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Face it, Taya, girls are treated differently than boys! Sometimes it will work in your favor, sometimes not :( Gator, you're gonna get yourself in some more trouble if you encourage her... lol. I like Corny's new outfit. It looks good next to Hoggle :D

That's worse. Corny is allowed to live with a him, because she's not their daughter/niece. Once that door is shut, they could get up to anything, and probably actually do stuff they shouldn't be. Taya hasn't even done anything other than date two boys, and she's treated like she'll come back with a baby every time she leaves the house. Her anger on this is very much understandable.

Yeah! :D I adore her new outfit, it turned out better than I imagined. I did get some help from a friend picking the colour pallet.

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