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Life on Marston: Runaway Orphans - 1

The Marston orphans moved into the shack. I sold the double bed and instead bought the two cheapest beds and a crib. Moved any furniture they could actually use like the living room stuff in the basement. Added some toys for the younger ones to play with. I did realise after I took this that I forgot to buy a potty, then added one. This ate up a huge chunk of their funds, since I bought it furnished and kept everything.

Nat got to work teaching Lois to use the potty. The sooner she can pretty much take care of herself, except for the feeding and putting in and out of crib part the better.

Nat: "It's like doing a big dump in your nappy, except in this plastic tub we call a potty. And, instead of scraping the shit off your butt, I scrape it out of this. Got it?"
Lois: "..."
Nat: "Good!"

George helped out by doing some fishing in the nearby water. I think he only caught like 4 anchovies the whole time he was out there. Made such a tiny amount of money really.

After repeatedly dumping her sister back on the smelly potty, Nat taught Lois to go potty! Lois celebrated by picking her nose, then flicking the snot on her sister's sneakers. That's gratitude for ya. XD

No hard feelings though. Nat picked Lois up and tickled her.

Then sat her down to teach her how to talk.

Nat: "When you want to steal stuff, best do it when it's over cast. Cameras don't see you so good. Cloud. Say cloud!"
Lois: "..."

Nat: "Expensive paintings are where the money is. Painting. Say it; painting."
Lois: "..."

Nat: "Rubies work too, if you're desperate for quick cash. Ruby. Come on kiddo; ruby!"
Lois: "Ruby!"

Nat: "Way to go kid! We'll have you fleecing chumps in no time." *claps*

Nat: "When you have hostages, always ask for a plane. It takes 'em longer, giving you more time to plan your escape. Plane!"

George came back with the fish, which I moved to Nat's inventory. I like an idiot forgot that children can't be left alone with toddlers. So...

Nat: "Come on, chunky butt, we got to go out. You too, George. You can do your homework later."

The Marston orphans headed into town. Nat settled them down in the grassy yard behind the book and grocery stores. They were all hungry.

Since Lois is much easier to feed, she got a bottle.

Then Nat had to make some hot dogs for herself and George to get something. As far as I'm aware they weren't charged for the food, so bonus! :D

George met Zo Whelohff. Apparently her whole family was there, along with the Curious family. She came over to introduce herself to him. That is literally all she did. Greeted him, then walked away.

Zo: "Hi."
George: "Hi."
Zo: "Bye."
George: "Bye."

Not that George was complaining, the food was ready. Don't know why George and Nat sat at different tables. Sims are weird.

Zo: *thinks* "Mmm... Hot dogs."

Yes, she does...

Bunny Curious too. Both of them are very rich, but they want to steal food from starving poor orphans. Real nice. If this was a challenge that involved future spouses, both of them just got struck off the list for George.

I wanted to take the hot dogs home with me, but the game wouldn't let me, so they had to stay there.

All the kids had to go home before curfew. All of them fast asleep at the same time.

Then a burglar sneaked in and stole their bath tub. The police were not called, because that would not look good for the three orphans squatting in the basement. I hope you die in the tub, jerk. >:O

I had to eat into their funds to buy the cheapest shower, so they had something to wash in.

Nat: "We have to keep this house spotless, so no one knows we live here."
George: "Okay."

Nat: "Come here little bro."

Nat and George sibling hug. ^_^ They are cute.

Lois the little snot monster woke up, so Nat had to get her out the crib. I so wish toddlers could escape them like the TS2 games. That was awesome.

George went to school. They don't want to risk anyone sniffing around, because of a truant kid. That and Nat thinks he is the brains of the family and should get an education. Nat stays home with Lois, not going to school all together.
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