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Life on Marston: Runaway Orphans - 2

Staying home had some upsides. Nat got to eat a tub of free organic ice cream for breakfast. Yeah, I say that is a good trade off.

Then she had to clean it up and hide all trace of it, so no one would know anyone was living there.

Then mop the floor of the bathroom, because George made a mess during his morning shower. Puddles on the floor won't look good.

Lois had fun playing at the play table. ^_^ It's a shame she can't earn any skill point boosts off it yet.

The Marston orphans needed some skill books, so Nat had to take Lois with her into the town centre. Oh look! The Racket teens are ditching school too.

Nat: "Stay here, and don't take candy off anyone. Unless it's good candy, then save some for me."
Lois: "..."

Nat: "What up?"
Lolly: "Your sister looks nothing like you."
Nat: "Bitch."

Nat: "Hello Mr Hotty."
Shark: "Um... what?"

Leaving Lois on the grass, Nat headed into the book store to buy the first cooking and handiness skill books for herself at 50 simoleons a piece for herself, and got the set of three books that give the painting boost for Lois.

Nat: "Come on Chunky Butt, we better head home."

The long walk from the road to the shack.

Nat: "They better not cut this grass down."

Exhausted Nat got a little sleep at last. She always seems to be on the verge of passing out due to exhaustion.

Lois had to make do with reading the book all by herself. Her sister was too tuckered out to read it to her. She did get the skill point boost from it.

George came home from school, and promptly went to sleep. Which meant...

Nat had to get up. She started reading the handiness book, but didn't get far with earning that skill point at all.

Lois had a stinky diaper, hungry, and tired. So Nat had to abandon her studying, to change her diaper, then give her a bottle.

Nat: "When this comes out the other end... do it in the potty. Got it?"

Then after she finished the bottle, Lois was tucked into the crib.

Nat: "Go to sleep... go to sleep... something, something... just do it, okay?"

Hmm... that is some lullaby.

Then time for food. While she was preparing a salad, I realised probably not the best idea for them to have a kitchen upstairs where they could be seen through windows. While she was preparing that, I put the two bar stools in the family inventory.

Nat headed down to the basement to eat, while I did a little rearranging.

Moved the sink into the corner, the washer and dryer over a little bit. Then put the fridge and one counter there in the corner. The rest went in the family inventory so they don't make any money off that. It's for the best that they don't actually cook, then there is no chance of fires or firemen coming to the house and seeing the orphans.

George is a good boy. He put the leftovers away in the fridge.

Then got some for himself to eat, sitting exactly where his sister just sat. That plate on the end table, yep, it's Nat's. XD She is such a slob.

Then like a good boy washed both dishes. :D

George: "Don't want this basement smelling like something died."

He then sat down on the floor and did his homework.

The clothes were piling up on the floor, so Nat did the laundry. As soon as she gets some good points, that washing machine is getting upgraded to make it quieter. All they did was panty bunch over how loud it is.
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