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Life on Marston: Runaway Orphans - 3

Back to talking lessons for Lois!

Nat: "Baseball."
Lois: "Baseball!"
Nat: "Only take 'em if they're signed. Even then, too much hassle finding out if they're the real deal."

Nat: "House!"
Lois: "House!"
Nat: "Make sure they're empty. Sleeping people wake up. Don't want to get caught."

Just because Nat can't catch five seconds to skill, doesn't mean George can't! He always has high stress for some reason. I sat him down to the play table so he can have fun and get the handiness boost that could come in handy later.

George: "Building is great..."

Nat: "Always steal the really expensive paintings. Painting!"
Lois: "Painting!"

Nat: "Rings are where the money is, if they got a good rock on 'em. Ring!"
Lois: "Ring!"

Nat: "TVs will turn a quick buck, if they're big enough. TV!"
Lois: "TV!"

And, Lois knows how to talk. Maybe Nat wasn't the best person to teach anyone to talk... XD

Then she had to make food to make sure they don't starve.

She didn't eat any. They went straight in the fridge for leftovers, so George can help himself when he gets hungry.

Nat: "The knuckle head better eat this."

Lois got started on the second book. Still no big sis to read it to her.

Then Shark turned up at the door... how the hell did he know where they live?!

Nat: "How did you find me?"
Shark: "I got my ways."
Nat: "You can't tell anyone."

Nat: "You got a girlfriend? I'll tell her we made out."
Shark: "I'm as free as a bird."

Nat: "Really... how about you take a spin around the globe with me... sugar lips."

Nat: "What does Shark taste like?"

Shark: "Gotta run. I'll keep your secret. Next time we should make out."
Nat: "Seriously?"

She picked up the Handiness book again and as predicted, got nowhere with it.

George: *gags* "This place stinks."
Nat: "Knock it off, Knuckle Head. You hate the smell so bad? Clean it!"

After putting Lois to bed, Nat had to do some cleaning too.

Nat: "I'm so tired of the smell of baby shit."

The forgotten laundry got moved to the dryer. Good job this is sims, or those clothes would reek IRL.

George did homework. Yep, I'm seeing a pattern why he's stressed. This kid has no life.

Nat got a quick nap. No point actually going to sleep, because no doubt Lois will wake her up soon.

When she woke up, she got a plate of salad to eat.

Then left the plate on the table. (Of course.)

Lois woke up, and needed her big sis to get out the crib.

Lois: "Out!"
Nat: "What is the magic word?"
Lois: "Now!"
Nat: "Good girl."

She got a painting started, but I doubt she will finish it. Lois is a little diva, that's for sure.
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