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Life on Marston: Runaway Orphans - 5

Nat: "Get some sleep, chunky butt."

Nat then worked on her painting for a while until she had to go to sleep out of exhaustion. She didn't finish it yet.

George made breakfast, a plate of chocolate muffins.

Nat finished her painting. After this I realised that it wasn't effective for George to do just fishing, when he was constantly hitting curfew and having to come back on the lot. He was literally just a few steps off the lot, but I didn't want to risk him catching the attention of police. So...

I spent half their money on a sculpting station! :D Nat does have savvy sculptor trait, so she won't break them when she finally gets to stone sculptures, and that will bring in the cash.

Naturally Nat got straight to work.

Nat: "I could make some fakes, and swap them for real mccoy sculptures in the art gallery."

Some sibling bonding. ^_^

George: "Lois! Where did the world go?"

Then Shark turned up at the door. Damn, he got it bad for Nat! :O To be fair, she does like him too.

Nat: "Hi Beef Cake. How about cutting me off a slice?"
Shark: "Wait... what?"

Shark: "How come this room is empty?"
Nat: "Lois is allergic to glass. Got to keep her away from the windows. Slightest whiff of them and she blows up like an over stuffed turkey. Being just a bayou family living in a humble shack, we can't risk the medical bills. Making her sleep in the basement all by herself would be cruel, so we all live down there with her."
Shark: "Seriously? Is that a thing?"
Nat: "Sure it is!"

Well, that's quick thinking for sure. XD Total lie, but clever.

Shark: "You know, this place isn't so bad."
Nat: "You know what else ain't bad..."

Nat: "Yawwwnn...."
Nat stretches her arm.
Shark: "You sure I got to sit like this?"
Nat: "Yeah, and I just put my arm here like this..."

Nat: "Then you just lean towards me like so..."

Shark: "Oh! You want to make out?"
Nat: "Damn right I do."
Shark: "I would but... your sister is kinda a buzz kill."

Nat: "Typical! I'm going to have to wait until you're in school before I get a woohoo life!"
Shark: "What was that?"
Nat: "Nothing. I'll just take care of Lois."

Shark was pretty great with George, helping him with his homework. Weird as it is, I actually like Shark around the Marstons.

After Shark left, they all actually went to sleep at the same time. It was not to last though. Naturally, when Lois is awake, they are all awake.

Nat: "Okay, so we got to teach you to run from cops."
Lois: "..."

Nat: "Come on, kid! You got to move quicker than that... I'll get ya!"
Lois: XD

Lois did learn to work after this. So, except for the crib part and needing bottles, she can pretty much take care of herself.

George did a little fishing, but didn't catch much. He kept going until the dreaded curfew.

Then switched to painting. Until he had to go to sleep.

Oddly enough, he chose nap over sleep. Nat however continued to sculpt. Her skills are coming along quite nicely. She's not making much money yet, but enough to let them make a few upgrades around the basement.

The sculpture turned out to be the alligator in the top hat. She didn't get much for it though. But it was the skill gain that was more important.

Nat can now work on wood sculptures! :D

George worked on his painting again, actually finished it. Straight after he got started on a medium sized painting this time. He didn't do much for that second painting, just started it so Nat will leave the canvas alone.

The money coming in, I was able to afford a new bed. Instead of getting another cheap one, I went for a bed that was about 700 simoleons, so he would no longer get the bad night's sleep moodlet. Sadly didn't have enough for one for Nat, yet.
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