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Life on Marston: Runaway Orphans - 6

Things moved along smoothly, with Nat sculpting and George painting. Still not a great deal of money coming in though.

Nat decided to have a cuddle with her little sister.

Nat: "Woah! You're starting to gain weight in places other than your butt!" :O
Lois: *raises eyebrow*

George: "Do you have to leave plates everywhere? This place reeks. People will be breaking in here thinking some animal died."

Nat: "You don't like the smell? Then clean it your self, bed wetter."

:D Nat also doing the laundry!

Nat then changed into her casual clothes, then sneaked off to the bathroom for a private conversation with Shark.

Nat: "Antique urns you say? What other pieces have your family got?"

It is about here, where I focused on her skilling until she could make ice sculptures! :D

George likes doing his homework in the empty shack, for some reason.

Kid needs to get a life, so he headed to the fire station in town just do something outside of the shack basement.

First thing he did was have a shower then break it.

George: "It always happens to me."

George: :O "Soy ice cream!"

Then mooched some food out of the fridge.

Happily ate it at the table.

George: "Firemen get all the good stuff. I'm so coming back."

Then he had a bounce on the trampoline out back. He looks so happy. :D Pity the Marstons can't have a trampoline of their own. Too noticeable. Then he had to go home because of curfew.

The next day while George was at school, Nat decided to check out the Fire Station too. Naturally she had to take Lois with her.

Nat: "So, this is the place the knuckle head was taking about."

Nat: "Stay out of trouble, Chunky Butt."

She then went to sleep, leaving Lois to her own devices.

Lois: "WAKE UP!"
Nat: "ZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzz."

Lois then crawled out into the hall, passed out on the floor and fell asleep herself.

Well, that is different. I'll give them that. Sneaking into a fire station just to sleep.

After school George joined them, and made use of the work station and his eccentric trait. He gained about 3 skill points before he ran out of scrap.

Then they had to leave because of that damn curfew.

Lois: "Potty!"
Nat: "Go in your diaper, I'll change it when we get home."

And yes, she did.

Nat: "Got to fill the tank back up."

Then she actually cleaned all the dishes for a change.

Then broke it, so she had to repair it.

Worked on her sculpture for a while. It made some good money.

George got stuck with emptying out the potty, because it was flooding puddles all over the floor.
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