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Life on Marston: Runaway Orphans - 7

Nat went to the larger junkyard to scope it out. She needs scrap for metal sculptures.

Nat: "Here you go, Chunky Butt, this is a good place for you to sleep."

Nat: "Nice! Only burn damage."

That is a nice sofa! And it's better quality than what they have, so that is for keeps.

This coffee table too. They don't even have one, so that got salvaged too.

She then dug up a load of scrap. Instead of keeping it for sculptures I sold it for some cold hard cash. Said cash was actually about 40 simoleons. Not worth it!

Then a dumpster dive. XD
What is it about dumpster diving founders that I like so much?
She didn't even get that much at all. Just a bug, a rock.

Nat: "Ooo! That light is nice!"

She stole it. It went straight into the Marston basement.

The orphans had enough money to restore the items, so this is the newly restored new sofa and coffee table! They look so much better. Just need to get rid of that chair. The old sofa was put in the family inventory.

George didn't even notice them, as he cleaned up the many plates and such that litter the place.

George: "She is as tidy as a bear mauling a trash can!"

As soon as he cleaned them, Nat made a sandwich to work on the smelly plate collection.

As revenge it seems, he broke the toilet. Guess who had to fix it? XD I love these kids.

Nat: "Thanks so much for cleaning those plates... now scrub the rest of the basement, I can't be bothered."

Yay! She is so close to being able to work with stone sculptures! Yep, she did earn that skill point before finishing this sculpture.

The first thing she did after waking up from a quick nap is repair the shower that broke again.

Both of them made some food to put in the fridge, to make sure they have enough to eat. George gained a skill point and can make cookies now. That in his hand is chocolate cookies.

Nat: "This is your face!"
George: "Get lost, or I'll invent something to stick your face like that."

Lois was pretty much just existing, so I got her a peg box to give her something new to skill in or just play with.

The basement was really crowded, so I put some blinds up at the window, and moved the sculpting station up to the empty room that used to be the bedroom.

Nat: "Shark is as dumb as a rock. I got him so sweet on me, I could give a sugar coated doughnut a run for its money. If we need to marry in money, I could get him straight after he graduates."
George: "Good. 'Cause, if we want to move out the basement, you're our best bet on marrying money."

On saturday, the Marston orphans headed to the junkyard.

George found this chair. I grabbed it. They could use it when they finally get the dining table.

Both Nat and George dug around in the junk pile to collect a load of scrap. This I kept, so Nat can sculpt for free for a while. Their basement is coming together nicely, so every simoleon counts!

I also spotted that coffee table up in the top corner, that is much nicer than the one they have, so I put that in the family inventory until they have enough money to restore it.
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