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Life on Marston: Runaway Orphans - 8

George: "Hey Lois, Nat managed to get that rich chump Shark to go steady with her. We are going to be so rich when they are old enough to get married."
Lois: "Bub."
George: "Yeah, hopefully they will have one of those too. We will live in that mansion."

True story. I did have some pictures of that, where Nat finally got Shark to go out with her. But technical issues on my flashdrive a caused me to lose them. Also, there were some major upgrades around the basement, that were too many to point out right now. Including that dining table and extra chair behind George.

Nat: "Guess what Knuckle Head?"
George: "What? You are going to clean your plate after you eat?"
Nat: "Pfft. Never going to happen. We might have enough money to buy you a workbench! You can build shit to decorate this place!"
George: "Cool! And I can make money."

After that, Nat had to feed Lois.

Nat: "You sit here Chunky Butt, while I murder George."
George: "What did I do?"
Nat: "You know what you did!"

He broke the sink. Nat had to fix it. Everything seems to constantly break around this house. If it's not broke, it is about to. She can't make it unbreakable because it has to be self cleaning to combat her slob trait.

While George was at school, Nat worked on a sculpture to earn them some money. The end result was a horse statue, that brought their money up to just over 5000 simoleons.

George: "I wish I could burn my homework in the garden."

George has kept up his grades quite nicely. He has a constant A grade. Never misses a day, and has befriended most of his classmates.

It was his turn to make food for them to eat. He is so close to getting 3 cooking points.

A plate of chocolate chip cookies! They are so lucky they get to eat all these tasty treats whenever they want.

Nat approved. As soon as he stepped away from the plate she was there to eat some of them.

George: "I'm going to sleep. Keep Lois quiet."
Nat: "Nope."

Her next sculpture project was a topiary. I think this one turned out to be a penguin. They do have a little nest egg. The penguin put them over 5000 simoleons. After the workbench, maybe they can get the use of upstairs too.

Using a little of their money, blinds were put up at all the windows so they could walk around as much as they want upstairs without "prying eyes."

Their funds took a little hit to buy this work bench for George. He can work on that inventing skill, and bring in another steady income.

He got straight to work. He learned how to make two items that I put straight in the basement to contribute to making it look pretty. They are already getting moodlets at how nicely decorated it is. Still has a way to go before they consider it beautifully decorated.

At least until he set his butt on fire.


Nat: "'KAY."

He did make it to the shower to put the fire out. Probably the best idea having the workbench upstairs instead of down in the basement.

Nat needs to work on her handiness, so I had her upgrade the washing machine. They can't really afford to splurge on books or risk being seen by adults at the library, so she will have to learn by doing.

George is so close to being able to cook cupcakes!! :D While he made dinner, which I think was brownies, he got that skill point.

I found this coffee table in the family inventory. It was burned out, and from the junkyard. I actually forgot all about it. It was restored, and the old one put in the family inventory. The thing on top of it was made by George.

Nat finally has enough handiness points to make things fireproof, so I took the stove out of the family inventory. I had to move over George's stove and the dining table. Now they can have proper cooked food after she upgrades it.

Nat: "Oh, how can I upgrade with this knuckle head in the way?!"
George: "Just ask me to move."

Then some sisterly cuddles.

Nat: "For an annoying little chunky butt, you're not bad."
Lois: "Fat Nose!"
Nat: "Ever heard the phrase "Don't dis the one that feeds you"?"
Lois: "No!"

There were toys everywhere, that were totally getting in the way, so George tidied them all up. I think it is mostly him that leaves them everywhere. Lois usually climbs in the toybox or uses the other toys or beats up her teddy bear.

George: "I'm hungry!"
Nat: "Make yourself something with your oven. I got to smash the shit out of this, until it is somehow fireproof. Then we eat good food."

Lois: *giggles*
Lois: *thinks* "No one will see me in here!"

George cleaned up the smelly plates, before making himself something to eat. Nat "smashed the shit" out of the stove. While Lois showed her poor hiding skills. These kids are so awesome. XD
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