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Life on Marston: Runaway Orphans - 9

Nat was going all kinds of stir-crazy, so she had to get out the house, and that meant bringing Lois and George with her. Last time they went out (in the pics I lost) an adult almost interacted with Lois, so can't risk that happening again.

George: "I want a bike."
Nat: "Tough shit. I'd rather have money for food, than some bike only you can use."

The only place they could go so close to curfew is the dump. At least they can get something out of it.

Nat: "You know the drill."
George: "Distract Lois, and if anyone notices us, don't use our real names."
Nat: "Good boy."

Nat: "Keep an eye on him, Chunky Butt."
Lois: XD

The first thing Nat found was this. It doesn't look like much, but it's actually a really nice dresser. They don't even have a dresser, so she picked it up.

George: "Where am I?"
Lois: "There!"
George: "Stop peeking!"
Lois: XD

And this trash compactor. They don't have one of those either.

Nat: "Why would anyone throw this away? It's a beaut."

Then Nat got the urge to steal something. XD I love klepto sims.

Nat: "And... no one around... kids are inside..."

Nat: "My tires!"

No idea where I'm going to put them, but since Nat stole them got to keep them.

Nat: "We have to get out of here."
George: "Why?"
Nat: "I just stole something, and the psychic curfew break police will be swarming the joint soon."

After they had gotten some sleep, Nat made breakfast.

Nat: "Sure you don't want pancakes?"
George: "Nah. I want a pie."

George ate a pie for breakfast. That is kinda annoying that kids can only make a single pie to eat, but not a whole plate of them for everyone else to get one too.

It was about here that Nat gained a cooking skill point, and had a wish for her LTW to be The Culinary Librarian. I didn't want it at first, but accidentally pressed the left click button instead of right, and it got locked in. I figured that it wouldn't suit her, and I would have to change it. Then I got an idea of Nat working in the Bistro one day, and robbing customers blind. XD So, it stays. She's not old enough or able to do that career, so this is close enough.

Nat had to let Chunky Butt out of the crib, like always.

Lois: "Out! Now!"
Nat: "Good girl. What do you think of that painting?"
Lois: "Boo!"

George seems more focused on inventing than painting right now. Painting doesn't bring in that much money any more, so Nat took the painting from the easel. It was put in the family inventory for later use.

Then replaced it with that dresser she found earlier. The lamp and the mirror was part of the original furniture that was in the house when they moved in, and has sat in their family inventory since.

George's painting went over here. That wall is just bare, and has nothing appealing about it. The picture really changed that. Ideally I would like to change the wallpaper, but I can't, so I have to make the best of it.

Nat: "Woo! Flying Lois!"
Lois: "Woosh!"
Nat: *thinks* "This kid is okay."

A little sisterly talking. Funny enough, Lois is best friends with both her siblings, yet Nat and George have a zero relationship bar. Maybe soon, they need to do something to work on that.

Apparently, the washing machine has been left partially upgraded, so Nat finished the upgrade. Now their clothes stay clean longer.

Then she moved on to upgrading the crushing power of the trash compactor. I really am pleased with how nicely the basement has come together. They don't have room for a dish washer, but the sink will do. ^_^ The amount of pluming repairs she has done, they are now unbreakable when she fixes them.

George came straight home to do his homework.

Nat: "How was school?"
George: "Okay. I worked on a project with Bunny for art. How was staying home?"
Nat: "I busted my butt upgrading stuff, so we don't live in a shit hole."

And Lois beat the shit out of her teddy bear Blobby and gnawed on his ear.

Nat: "Oh shit!"

Okay, so I didn't know that sims could do this. The washing machine started shaking, and there was an option to "subdue" it. I had to click it and see what Nat would do. She did this, and tried to settle it. Then ended up with a moodlet of her victory over the washing machine. It was so funny. I'll be having her do this often. Oddly enough, the laundry feature of this EP never gets old. I always find out fun stuff about it.

Then once the clothes came out the dryer...

Nat: *sniffs* "Laundry fresh!"

Lois cried at the top of her lungs for no reason. All her needs bars are full green except for her bladder, and she's perfectly capable of dealing with that all by herself.

Lois: "I poop. Nat clean." XD

Nat: "No deal Chunky Butt. I'm going to sleep."

Nat finally got some sleep. At least Lois can keep herself amused.
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