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Life on Marston: Runaway Orphans - 10


I had a little peek who was at the door, and found Shark. He is so sweet on Nat, I almost pity him a little bit. XD Poor rich chump.

Nat: "Hello, beef cake!"
Shark: *blush* "Hi Nat."
Nat: "How about you come over here and give me a taste?"

They then had a good smooch. She invited him inside.

The first thing he did when he got in the empty shack was kiss her. Naturally Nat was up for it. She is actually thinking about him. Probably how much she has him wrapped around her little finger.

Nat: "The trick to sculpting is, picking up on the little details most people miss. You get those, and you can crank out fakes so good, they could be the real deal."
Shark: "I'd love one of your sculptures."
Nat: "Sure! I make so many."

Shark then made himself at home, by eating left over waffles from the fridge.

Shark: "Wow, the basement is really coming along nicely."
Nat: "You can't tell anyone our secret, Shark, I'm serious."
Shark: "Of course not. If I tell, I'd lose you. Why would I want to go and do a thing like that?"
Lois: "Bed! Now!"
Nat: "Alright, Chunky Butt."

This totally won me over with Shark. He collected all the stinky plates and washed them.

Then overstayed his welcome doing homework. That plate on the table is Nat's and she ate while Shark was doing the dishes.

George: "Has he gone yet?"
Nat: "ZZZzzzzz."

And, yes, Shark left after he finished his homework.

After George had gone to school, Nat enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes.

Nat: "Beating the shit out of that stove was so worth it."

Then had to put away all the toys. George and Lois leave them everywhere. They are kind of worse than Nat with the plates for that. At least she has the slob trait as her excuse.

Then she beat the shit out of the microwave for a while, to upgrade it to cook faster.

She didn't get that far, because Lois had woken up and wanted food, diaper change and some cuddles.

Nat: "You know, I'm glad we didn't leave you behind at the foster home, right?"
Lois: "Fat nose!"

Chunky Butt's needs now taken care of, Nat could return to the microwave upgrade.

Again, that didn't last long. A certain someone called Nat.

Nat: "Hey, Beef Cake. What am I doing? I'm looking hot in my green nightie, while beating up appliances to upgrade them."

George came home from school with a low social bar, so that meant some cuddles with little sis.

Lois: "SMELLY!"
George: "Have you smelled your potty lately?"

And a round or two of peek-a-boo. The child and toddler interactions are just the cutest. ^_^

Nat worked on a sculpture. Can't remember what it turned out to be, but selling it brought them back up to over 5000 simoleons, so they are back to where they started before buying George that work station.

The next day while George was at school, Nat was going stir-crazy again. So, the girls suited up, wearing their formal clothes to head to Red Rendezvous. Honestly, I forgot what their formal clothes looked like, since they never wear them. XD

Nat: "Okay, Chunky Butt, keep yourself occupied. If you find booze, drink it. Then maybe you can sleep through the night."
Lois: *raises eyebrow*

Nat then played the foosball table for a little while.

Nat: "It is on like Donkey Kong, bitches!"

There were too many adults around in Red Rendezvous, so they headed to the park instead. There was still some there, but they have enough to keep themselves occupied and not bother with kids. Nat enjoyed the swings, while Lois got a bottle to drink.

After school, George joined them after changing into his own formal clothes.

Nat: "Hey, instead of going home to get some sleep before Diaper Filler over there wakes us up too damn early, we should so go see a show or something."

So, at 4pm they headed over to the theatre, hoping to catch the 5 o'clock show.

George: "Are you sure this is a good idea?"
Nat: "Of course! Kids go see shows all the time. No one will look twice at us, as long as we pay for our ticket."

George headed in first. The Marstons headed in to see a symphony. Not sure what it was called, but hey, it's something fun and new for them to do.

For some reason, George and Lois came out first. George did has homework, and Lois just sat next to him.

Honestly, I didn't know that toddlers could go in the movie theatre for a show or a movie, so there I learned something new. They both seemed to really enjoy it, because they both had the Great Symphony moodlet. Nat had the same, when she eventually joined them.

Nat: "We should head back, before the cop cars start patrolling."
George: "Okay. Great show, wasn't it?"
Lois: "Yep!"
Nat: "It so was. We have to do this again."

The next morning, they were still talking about it.

Nat: "That part with the butterfly was weird and awesome!"
George: "I think it was supposed to symbolise change."
Nat: "You think?"
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