Nevermore (owlofnevermore) wrote,

Taya's Acting Reel: Little Celebrity

Taya's very short lived career in reality TV.

Katelyn Missoni, Taya Snowe, Suzy Strummer, Apollo Bloom, Kirby Wise, Matty Crewe.
Presenting debut of William Fangmann.

In this season of Little Celebrity, how much drama can these sims have on TV?

Suzy: "Woo! Go Team Awesome!"
Taya: "We got this bake off in the bag. That prize is ours."

Challenge after challenge, her optimism could not be beat.

Taya: "The guy drives me insane."
Matty: "Apollo is a jerk."

Gathering friends amongst the cast. Taya was a breath of fresh air to a show almost past it's prime.

She was the newbie everyone loved... then it all went horribly wrong.

Taya: "Okay, so we didn't win this week's guitar task, but we are not done yet."
Apollo: "It was your fault. If you got your father's talent instead of leeching off his fame..."
Taya: "Don't you dare talk about my father."

The punch heard around Bridgeport.
One girl brought to boiling point, at the end of a month long explosive feud cut her time on Little Celebrity short.
Love Taya or hate her, how could you not feel for her as she was forced to leave the show in a back door untelevised exit?
Tags: acting reel, side-stories, snowe
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