Nevermore (owlofnevermore) wrote,

Taya's Acting Reel: My Hoppy and Me

This is Taya's first movie, that pretty much launches her entire career.
It is a cheesy unlikely friendship movie, and the summer blockbuster many sims are flocking to the theatre to see.

Bonnie: "Where did you come from?"

A starving lonely spider seeks refuge on a struggling farm in the backwater town of Twinbrook.

A girl with an extraordinary talent. Fears of losing the farm that has been in her family for generations.

Clay: "We can't lose the farm."
Bonnie: "Dad, we will find the money to pay our debts to Mr Bigbucks."
Hoppy: "This flyer says there is a dance contest at Red Rendezvous. Bonnie, you could win."
Bonnie: "I'm not good enough..."

And unlikely bond bigger than friendship begins between a hoppy and a farm girl, forged through dance and fighting back against a greedy landlord.

Bonnie: "Hoppy, you must be the only one to ever really believe in me."
Hoppy: "You are the first person to give me a chance."

Coming this summer...

Starring Tox Spiderton and Matthew Hamming. Introducing Taya Snowe.
Directed by Cocaine Chimeree.

My Hoppy and Me.
Tags: acting reel, side-stories, snowe, tox
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