Nevermore (owlofnevermore) wrote,

Taya's Acting Reel: Web of Deceit

This is a winter action spy movie, for sims who would rather see a hot girl firing guns than watch a Christmas movie for the millionth time.

Cassie Quickkill was the world's greatest spy. She walked away from it all for love.

When it was too late, she discovered she was in bed with the enemy.

Cassie: "00T, what is a web spinner like you doing in a place like this?"
00T: "Making sure you don't get killed, Cassie."

00T: "How do you want to play this?"
Cassie: "Shoot first, then shoot him again."

Cassie: "Die, dirtbag!"

Cassie: "You used me, you slimeball! I trusted you!"

Agent X: "Why don't you just shoot me?"

Sometimes revenge is worth killing for.

Starring Taya Snowe, Matthew Hamming and Tox Spiderton.
Directed by Cocaine Chimeree.

Web of Deceit.
Tags: acting reel, side-stories, snowe, tox
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